Q&A: Bo Flowers

Bo Flowers, a Maywood, Ill., native acquired in the Kyle Farnsworth trade with Detroit last February, has been a regular presence in the Class-A Peoria Chiefs' lineup all season long. Inside The Ivy recently caught up with Flowers during the Midwest League all-star break for a Q&A on the first half of his season, and more.

Inside the Ivy: First, what was your reaction to being traded from the Tigers' organization?

Bo Flowers: It was something I would not have thought would happen this early in my career. I was kind of shocked. Somebody wanted me, so that's good. It's a great feeling to know that other teams are interested in you. To be involved in any trade is big.

Inside the Ivy: What is the major difference between the two organizations?

Bo Flowers: The Cubs' organization is a lot more laid back than the Tigers'. That's all.

Inside the Ivy: You've played a lot of DH this season. Do you attribute anything to that?

Bo Flowers: I DH a lot because of the first rounder's, Ryan Harvey and Luis Montanez. I think it's just the situation of having two first-rounder's on the same team. I play some left field, too, but not a lot of right since Harvey has been back. I play good defense and get the job done. I make good reads and make the plays I need to.

Inside the Ivy: You're batting .276 with four home runs, 22 RBI, and 57 strikeouts. Are you satisfied with how the first half has gone for you?

Bo Flowers: It's going OK. There are a few things I would like to do better, and that I need to work on and try to get better at. I still feel like I'm missing a lot of pitches. Obviously I feel I should be hitting and making more contact.

Inside the Ivy: Of course the Chiefs got off to a poor start in the first month of the season. What happened over the past several weeks that led to a .500 finish?

Bo Flowers: We just picked it up and things started going our way. We started winning games and playing well.

Inside the Ivy: But how did you all overcome such a slow start?

Bo Flowers: We continued to try and get to .500, which was a big hurdle for us. At first, we started out bad, but we kept playing hard and putting games together.

Inside the Ivy: How important was the return of Harvey and Eric Patterson to the team's success?

Bo Flowers: Everybody contributed well when they came back. It definitely helped the team a lot more. It seemed like there were some changes on the team when they were healthy again.

Inside the Ivy: Being from Illinois, how does it feel to be relatively close to your family?

Bo Flowers: It's the greatest thing. It's a great experience being in Peoria, a place I'm very familiar with. Being this close, I can see my mom and dad very often.

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