Quotebook: Casey McGehee

Inside The Ivy was live in Mobile for the annual Southern League all-star festivities this week. Here is what Diamond Jaxx all-star Casey McGehee had to say while there.

On hitting ninth inning home run off Mobile's Dale Thayer:

McGehee: "I was just so surprised that I made contact off him. In two years, I don't think I'd touched a ball off him. I was more surprised than anything."

On being surrounded by fellow All-Stars:

McGehee: "It's just fun to be around them. Everybody has been great. Everybody went about it the right way. We all pick each others brains on what they do against certain guys, so it's just a blessing."

On the difference of playing against Northern Division all-star teammates in regular season play versus sharing a clubhouse with them in Mobile:

McGehee: "It's always fun to play against the guys you know. It brings it to a whole different level. You feel like you know the guy a little bit."

On the issue of "bragging rights" with all-star teammates:

McGehee: "Yeah, it's fun, you know, especially when you go to their town and hang out a little bit."

On starting at first base instead of third:

McGehee: "Tony (Perezchica) let me know earlier that I was going to. I don't feel really comfortable over there, but I've done it enough to where I have some comfort level. I'm not completely out of position."

On Marlins prospect Jeremy Hermida, the game's MVP:

McGehee: "He kind of stole the show. He showed tonight why the Marlins like him so much. You knew it already, but he was kind of a man among boys out there."

On returning to regular season play in the second half:

McGehee: "I think our team is so used to winning that we don't accept anything other than that out of ourselves. I feel like we have a good enough team to where we should go out and win a lot of ball games. We've talked amongst ourselves about not just winning the division or whatever. It would be a shame to just pack it in during the second half. It would be nice to win some more games and see what this team is really capable of. There's an incentive where if you win your division in the second half, you only have to play one game on the road come playoff time. It would be nice to win that second half, cut down on travel a bit and spend an extra night in your own bed."

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