Quotebook: Buck Coats

West Tenn shortstop Buck Coats talks about his performance in the Southern League All-Star Game, and more.

Inside The Ivy: What was going through your head, not only at the plate but in the field? It seemed like you and Joel Guzman (Jacksonville shortstop) had a bit of a head-to-head battle going.

Buck Coats: I was just trying to have a good time. It's fun playing games like these. With all these guys, you're playing with the best of the best. You really get to see what these other guys have to offer. It was fun playing out there. I had a good time and luckily I had a couple of hits and made a couple of good plays.

Inside The Ivy: Was there any pressure coming in, knowing you'd start and this being your first all-star game in a couple of seasons?

Buck Coats: I was trying to stay relaxed. You get to see a bunch of your friends and play with some guys you might not get the chance to play with again.

Inside The Ivy: It's always special, because these guys are your teammates come All-Star time, yet they so quickly go back to being your opponents.

Buck Coats: Yeah, you play this game and then you have to get back to reality. The season starts back and you have to get to the playoffs, win those games and do what you have to do. Just take care of business.

Inside The Ivy: With the year you're having now, how often does a promotion cross your mind?

Buck Coats: Any kind of a promotion is good, but you just have to go out and take care of business wherever you're at. You can be in A-ball or Double-A; you just try to go out there and maintain, and keep playing everyday. You've got to help your team win; that's what it's all about.

Inside The Ivy: You also have some work lined up in the offseason, correct?

Buck Coats: Yeah, I do construction work with my family. It makes me want to get back on the field.

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