Greenberg to Begin Stint with Mesa Cubs

MESA, Ariz. -- It has been over two weeks since Adam Greenberg made his major league debut, and thus over two weeks since he was hit in the head by a pitch from Florida's Victor de los Santos in his first big league plate appearance. Now, the 24-year-old Greenberg is set to begin a rehab assignment in the Arizona League with the Cubs' rookie affiliate this week.

Greenberg arrived in Mesa a week ago when the Cubs left Chicago to begin a four-game series in Cincinnati. He was sent to Arizona after suffering from a condition known as Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo, or "BPPV." The condition is defined as an inner ear problem that causes dizziness, often brought on suddenly and without warning.

"I saw a few doctors here. They performed some maneuvers … I had to have some manual procedures," Greenberg said. "It has taken a few days since I got here to get everything settled."

Greenberg will soon begin his first on-field assignment since the incident, which took place on July 9 in Miami. He was used as a pinch-hitter and was struck on the side of the helmet by de los Santos, who later called the Cubs' clubhouse and apologized to Greenberg.

"He called while I was actually laying on the training room table. He was really shaken up. It was very sincere and heartfelt. It meant a lot just to hear that. I knew right away that it wasn't intentional, but he called and it was a nice gesture regardless.

"It's certainly a frustrating thing … for anyone who gets called up and sees only one pitch. It's tough, but I know I have to work through it."

The only thing tougher according to Greenberg is having to be told to wait and relax before he can go back onto the field. It's just not his nature, he says.

"The injury I sustained is not one of those you can just play through. I've been getting stir-crazy a lot lately. It's always, ‘Take another day,' or ‘Settle down.' The way I play this game, it's not like that. I'm the type that's always asking, ‘What are we going to do next?' "

And what Greenberg will do next is take the field at HoHoKam Park. There, he'll take batting practice, track down fly balls, and run sprints among other things.

Since the Mesa team has Monday off, Greenberg hopes that by Tuesday, he'll set foot into a live game and get some quality at-bats. After that, he says it's up to upper management to call down and ask for reports on his progress.

"I haven't really spoken to anyone about what's going to happen when I get healthy," Greenberg said. "There are a lot of variables, like how quickly I'll be able to show that I'm 100 percent. There are so many moves being made this time of year, especially with the trade deadline coming up."

But Greenberg, the Cubs' ninth round pick from North Carolina in 2002, prefers to keep it that way.

"It's almost better if they don't tell you what's going to happen next so you don't get your hopes up," he said. "I'm just going to focus on coming back healthy and hope for the best."

Read more from Greenberg in an upcoming ITI interview with the Cubs' outfielder later this week.

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