Q&A with Dylan Johnston

MESA, Ariz. -- Dylan Johnston was one of three shortstops taken by the Cubs in the top 10 rounds of this year's draft. A fourth round pick from Hamilton High School in Chandler, Ariz., Johnston recently signed with the organization, turning down a full-ride scholarship to St. Mary's College in the process.

Johnston, a 6'0", 180-pound left-handed hitter, was taken with the 130th overall pick. He batted .474 with an OBP of .551 in his junior season at Hamilton High and was the first Arizona high school player taken in this year's draft. He joined Inside The Ivy over the weekend for a question and answer session.

Inside The Ivy: Welcome to the Cubs organization. It took awhile for you to sign. What was the holdup?

Dylan Johnston: Well, the money was the biggest thing. I wanted to make sure I got what I was asking for. I had a good agent in Danny Lozano from the Beverly Hill Sports Council.

Inside The Ivy: We understand your mother was very active throughout the ordeal. How much of the decision was yours, and how much did she influence you?

Dylan Johnston: I pretty much made the decision on my own. The only other option was St. Mary's. They offered me a full-ride scholarship if I didn't sign, so I would have been heading to California. I leaned toward the Cubs because I thought I was ready to start my professional career. They also came up with the right amount of money at the right moment, so it was a win-win situation.

Inside The Ivy: You've been here in Mesa for about two weeks now. What are your initials thoughts on the organization?

Dylan Johnston: I like it a lot. I've been impressed with everything here; everything down to a T. We're always working hard. It's been fun so far.

Inside The Ivy: Tell us about your first week in the Arizona Summer League.

Dylan Johnston: Well, I haven't gotten my bat going yet. I'm struggling with that (1-for-21), but I am playing pretty good defense. I'm just trying to stay positive with regards to my offense. I hope it will come around soon.

Inside The Ivy: What are some of the things the organization has you working on at the moment?

Dylan Johnston: Right now I'm in the midst of changing my batting stance a little. In high school, my hands stayed really low and I had a narrow stance. Since I got here, they've opened up my legs and widened my stance a little more.

Inside The Ivy: How difficult, if at all, has the adjustment been for you to make?

Dylan Johnston: It's gone all right. I'm getting more and more comfortable every day. It's tough, but I have to do it.

Inside The Ivy: We know you just signed, but what does the offseason hold in store for you?

Dylan Johnston: I'll be taking two weeks off in early September before going to instructionals.

Read more on Dylan Johnston by going to his personal web site: DylanJohnston.com.

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