Q&A: Boise's Kyle Reynolds

Q&A with the Cubs' sixth round draft pick from 2005, Boise's Kyle Reynolds.

Inside The Ivy: In your own words, tell us how your season has gone since the draft?

Kyle Reynolds: It's been great so far. I've been here for over two months now. It's gone well and it's been everything I thought it would be. Playing baseball every day is awesome and a dream come true. So far it's been great and I'm sure it will continue to be that way.

Inside The Ivy: Your dad, Craig Reynolds, is a former major leaguer. How much of an influence was he to you?

Kyle Reynolds: My dad has been a huge influence in my life certainly, but not a whole lot of that has to do with me playing baseball. I didn't actually play that much until I got to high school. I got a little older and then college presented itself. He never forced me to play. He always encouraged me that if baseball wasn't what I wanted to do, not to worry about it. He was super supportive and I've learned more about the game from him than anyone else.

Inside The Ivy: You grew up an Astros fan. Was there ever any disappointment when their organization didn't draft?

Kyle Reynolds: It would have been cool and I thought there was a good chance of it. On the other hand, I'm somewhat glad they didn't draft me, because that way it doesn't look like I'm a big leaguer's son who was drafted as a favor. I was actually happy that a different team drafted me, so that I can start on my own career.

Inside The Ivy: You were originally a 50th round pick straight out of high school three years ago. You've obviously come a long way from there to being a sixth rounder.

Kyle Reynolds: Coming out of high school, I kind of told everybody that I was going to college no matter what. I had a summer coach who was actually a scout with the Arizona Diamondbacks. I told him that I had planned to go Baylor and not to draft me. He drafted me anyway, just in case something came up, or in case I changed my mind.

Inside The Ivy: You and David "Trey" Taylor were both from Baylor. How special was the feeling on draft day, knowing you two had already been through a lot together and were now getting a chance to play with the same organization?

Kyle Reynolds: It's always great to have someone in the organization that you've been friends with for a while. Unfortunately, I haven't seen much of Trey since we were drafted, because we've been in different parts of the country. Hopefully, we can meet up here again soon. I imagine next year when they send us to higher A-ball, we'll have a chance to hang out.

Inside The Ivy: Were you surprised to be drafted this high overall this year?

Kyle Reynolds: I anticipated being around there somewhere. I was a little worried because I got hurt right before the draft. I was worried that it might hurt me, but it didn't. It worked out well and I'm super excited about being with the Cubs.

Inside The Ivy: What was the injury again?

Kyle Reynolds: I broke the thumb on my catching hand during the second to last week of regular season play. I missed about the last four weeks. I got to play a game or two in Omaha, but I was still hurt at the time, so it was a bit of a bummer. You work three years to get to that point (College World Series), only to have to sit and watch it. It was an exciting year for us either way at Baylor.

Inside The Ivy: You also served a stint in the Cape Cod League before your final season at Baylor to rehab another injury. What can you tell us about that?

Kyle Reynolds: I had torn my left quad. I went home and did three weeks of rehab before summer ball. I didn't feel better, so I decided to go to the Cape Cod League and played there for a couple of weeks.

Inside The Ivy: You were drafted as a shortstop, but you've played both second and short since the draft. Which of the two do you prefer?

Kyle Reynolds: I prefer short; that's where I was drafted. I've been a little bit of everywhere all over the infield in the past year. I'll play anywhere as long as I get to the big leagues. It's been an adjustment, because I also played first this year at Baylor. Then I made a quick jump back to short. It was a big adjustment, especially coming off the thumb injury late in the year.

Inside The Ivy: Tell us about your defense. How satisfied are you with that at the moment (10+ errors)?

Kyle Reynolds: Really, it's been great. I haven't played short in a whole year. I'm trying to learn two positions I've played in the past. You see an error in the box score and it doesn't have a lot to do with how you're developing otherwise. A lot of it has to do with how confident you are on the field. I've come a really long way since the beginning of summer. It's good, because short is one of the hardest positions you can play.

Inside The Ivy: What do you have planned for the offseason?

Kyle Reynolds: Well, I'm super excited that I get to go back and finish school, even though it won't be this fall. I'm going to go to instructionals in Arizona for about a month. I'm also going to try to find a part-time job at a bank this fall and use some of what I learned in college, finance-wise, and apply it to that.

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