Hanging In

Over the past several days, every major news outlet in America and beyond has had some form of coverage of Hurricane Katrina and the inevitable devastation, death and despair stemming from its aftermath.

Of course, this storm has affected myself and Inside The Ivy directly since, as many of you know, I live in New Orleans!

Yes, myself and most of our staff along the Gulf Coast fled in plenty of time to take shelter in neighboring cities Baton Rouge, Houston, even Dallas, Little Rock, Ark., and Memphis, Tenn.

Others were not as fortunate, and it is those who our hearts - and donations - go out to most of all.

Over 95 percent of the city of New Orleans is currently without power, and it will take weeks, if not months, before electricity is restored throughout most of the city. Mass looting, rioting, guerilla warfare, and other acts of lawlessness are rampant. Martial Law has been declared.

The twin span bridges (above) leading across Lake Pontchartrain to and from New Orleans have, by and large, been destroyed. And at last check, one of our friends and colleagues from Scout.com's TulaneInsider.com website was missing.

Those are just a few crises taking place. On that note, I'll spare you the rest of what is currently happening in this city. There is CNN, Fox News Channel and a plethora of other 24/7 media outlets for that purpose.

As for how we at Inside The Ivy have managed telephone, cable and internet access throughout this ordeal, the answer is simple: we haven't.

All content is currently being saved to various third-party support drives and sent to one of our network's publishers on the West Coast. A local newspaper in Morgan City, La., The Daily Review, has been kind enough to grant us internet access for a few hours each day to distribute stories and other content to San Diego via e-mail.

So if things appear somewhat outdated in terms of content over the next several days, we apologize. Like most of New Orleans at the moment, we make with what we have. And what we have now is more than many.

Donations of course can be made to a number of charities assisting in relief efforts along New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, including the American Red Cross. The website NetworkForGood.org allows donations to numerous charities assisting in relief efforts.

Inside The Ivy extends its thoughts and prayers to Hurricane victims all across greater New Orleans, Mississippi, and all areas directly affected by this disaster.

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