Walker's Wednesday: The Trade

Hello everyone and welcome to Walker's Wednesday's. This week, I'd like to talk about how the Corey Patterson trade affected the minor leagues.

First off, I wish Corey nothing but the best of luck with his career in Baltimore. I think that he will really thrive for the Orioles and get his career back on track.

So, how did the trade impact a player like me in the minors, striving for a ticket to the show?

When Corey was drafted, he was the franchise player and the Cubs center fielder of the future. As a center fielder myself, I didn't think that I had a shot at breaking into that spot for the Cubs. I thought I'd probably get traded and play center field for another organization.

But with everything that happened last year, I began to have hope. Seeing two fellow minor leaguers (Matt Murton and Ronny Cedeno) get called up and get playing time opened my eyes to the opportunities in front of me.

Usually, when a player is traded a spot opens up on the major league roster and this causes a domino effect. As one guys leaves, everyone behind him moves up a level.

The trade of Corey will not have this affect since the Cubs have signed Juan Pierre. Now, Juan is the man in center field and will have the duty of leading off for the Cubs. As a outfielder, this might not look good, but after everything that happened this past season, who knows what moves might be made?

I'm excited about this upcoming year and I look forward to meeting Mr. Pierre and learning from him this March. My number one goal this upcoming season is to be prepared to make the jump to the major league level if the opportunity presents itself.

Oh, by the way, for those who have asked ... I'm not related to Chico Walker, though I do consider it a compliment.

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