Walker's Wednesdays

Spring is in the air, and for baseball fans it's joyous. But imagine how much fun this time of year has to be for a player?

Spring training's right around the corner and the anticipation for the season has begun. This is the toughest part of the year for me. From waiting for the contract in the mail to finding out your report date, this time of the year gets stressful.

The days go by slower and thoughts on the upcoming season constantly go through my head. I start thinking about the work that I've put in this off season and I ask myself, 'Did I do enough?'

I think that players in general have this same feeling. Spring Training's such an exciting time of the year. You get a chance to see old teammates and share stories from the past season.

Also, this is the time to check out your competition for the season. There are many new faces and guys come and go on a daily basis, but it's a thrilling part of the year and I look forward to March when I report for spring training.

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