Ozzie on the Attack

White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen, never one to back down from an argument, went on the attack Monday in the wake of comments actually made by Cubs closer Ryan Dempster and comments not made by him.  &nbsp

"All of a sudden, he's saying coaches shouldn't be out there, coaches shouldn't be involved in fights," Guillen said of comments made by Dempster on a local Chicago radio show Monday morning.

"Good thing he's thought about it, because if he keeps pitching like that, he might be coaching pretty soon."

Guillen was also under the impression that during that radio interview Dempster not only was accusing Sox third base coach Joey Cora of biting the ankle of Jacque Jones during Saturday's bench-clearing brawl between the two teams, but that Dempster said that Guillen's kids were on the field for the fight.

Dempster never really said either in the interview, and then came out Monday afternoon and told Cubs writers that he never said Cora bit Jones. A fact that Jones also backed up.

That didn't keep Guillen from making Dempster just the latest casualty of his wrath.

"Well, when you name names you have to be 100 percent right, and he's not," Guillen said. "He said my kid was on the field, my kids know the rules maybe better than he did. My kid (Ozzie Jr.) has more years in the big league than Dempster does.

"Maybe he confused Ozzie (Jr.) with Bobby Jenks. What's Ozzie going to do? Eat somebody. My other one (Oney) is 20 pounds and the other one is only 14 (Ozney). Ryan is stupid to make those comments. One is a baby, one is too little, another one, the only thing he can do is eat somebody or drink somebody."

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