Q&A with Scott Moore

West Tenn's Scott Moore finds himself with nine home runs and 32 RBIs through 51 games. We recently caught up with the Cubs third base prospect and got his thoughts on his first season at Double-A, and more.

Inside The Ivy: You got off to somewhat of a slow start through your first month. What's been the biggest difference since May began? Are we paying too much attention to splits?

Scott Moore: I really don't know. I haven't changed anything in my approach. I think when (Luis) Montanez and (Micah) Hoffpauir were still here and swinging the bat really well ... everybody says hitting is contagious. I just think a lot of guys have been swinging the bat better of late and a lot of it has to do with the whole team getting hot at the same time.

Inside The Ivy: When we talked to you last year in the Instructional League, you'd mentioned that you were getting some work in at second base. Did anything ever come of that?

Scott Moore: Not really. I had some early work there, but with Eric Patterson there ... he's obviously a great player. I've stayed at third and have continued trying to get better over there.

Inside The Ivy: We understand you and Eric often consult with each other about your hitting, etc., correct?

Scott Moore: His approach to the game is awesome and he's one of the first guys I talk to about how guys are pitching, or if he sees something I'm doing wrong. Montanez isn't here anymore, but he was also a great teammate that leads by example and doesn't say a whole lot.

Inside The Ivy: And of course you got some work in with the big league club this spring.

Scott Moore: Yeah, it was great. I got a little taste of what it's all about. Watching the guys that have played at that level year in and year out, like Aramis Ramirez and Derrek Lee, was a great experience.

Inside The Ivy: Was there any one thing in particular that you took out of the experience and have applied extensively at Double-A?

Scott Moore: Just grinding it out every day. I don't know if it's something new that I've learned, but I got to see it first hand and watch all of the guys that have done it every year at that level and how they go about their work. No matter how tired you feel or how beat up you are, you have to keep getting your work in.

Inside The Ivy: The pitching staff has been exceptional this year. Does that take any pressure off the hitters?

Scott Moore: Yeah, I think so. They keep us in every ballgame, but we still have to go out and score runs. Our pitching staff has been great.

Inside The Ivy: The home runs have been more frequent this month as well, but one thing we have to ask you about are the strikeouts -- 58 in 51 games.

Scott Moore: Yeah, I've definitely been trying to cut back on them. I think a lot of times, my own strikeouts have to do with getting myself behind in the count. I definitely need to cut down on them.

Inside The Ivy: What have you and your hitting coach (Tom Beyers) really focused on this season?

Scott Moore: We've talked a lot about the mental side and how to adjust in certain situations. And of course, we've talked about cutting back on the strikeouts.

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