Q&A with Colvin

Clemson OF Tyler Colvin was selected as the Cubs' 2006 first-round draft pick Tuesday and briefly spoke to reporters later in the afternoon.  &nbsp  &nbsp  &nbsp  &nbsp  &nbsp  &nbsp  &nbsp  &nbsp  &nbsp  &nbsp  &nbsp  &nbsp

Reporter: I read where you were a late conversion to the outfield. Were you a pitcher in high school?

Colvin: I was pitcher, first base.

Reporter: So they converted you to outfielder when you went to Clemson?

Colvin: Right. We had a good starting first baseman, so they moved me to the outfield.

Reporter: Do you consider yourself a doubles, gap-type of hitter? Tim Wilken thinks you're more of a gap hitter.

Colvin: In years past, I haven't really hit many home runs or anything. I would get on base and steal bases. I'd say a gap hitter is my job.

Reporter: You've had quite a season with Clemson. Can you talk about it?

Colvin: It's been a tremendous year overall for the team and for myself. There's no real standouts on this team, I honestly don't think. This year, my approach has been a lot better. I've gotten on base and helped the team win.

Reporter: Were you surprised to go 13th?

Colvin: Yes, sir, I was. I was just looking to have a good season in hopes that somebody would pick me up. Being picked 13th overall is big. It's a little overwhelming.

Reporter: Do you have an agent already?

Colvin: I have an advisor.

Reporter: Any agents that you're considering.

Colvin: I don't know yet.

Reporter: Do you think you'll sign right away?

Colvin: Right now, I'm just happy that I was drafted with the 13th pick. I really haven't focused on it.

Reporter: Can you see yourself staying in school?

Colvin: I really can't see it. (laughs)

Reporter: What do you know about the Cubs?

Colvin: They're a good ball club. I'm just hoping I can help out in some way.

Reporter: I see where Wilken said they had some thoughts about you in centerfield. Does it matter where in the outfield as far as you're concerned?

Colvin: I would love to play center field. Here at Clemson, I'm pretty comfortable in left, but I get an itch to go out in center and practice out there a little bit. I think it would be a good opportunity for me to try it out. I think I could do it.

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