Q&A: Sixth Round Pick Josh Lansford

Cubs sixth-round draft pick Josh Lansford, the son of former major leaguer Carney Lansford, had just finished a final exam when we caught up with him on Wednesday afternoon from Cal Poly. Inside, Josh's thoughts on being drafted, and the natural comparisons between him and his father.

Inside The Ivy: You and I were talking earlier about your father, but I want to talk about Josh Lansford right now. What kind of a ballplayer are you?

Josh Lansford: I try to take after my father as much as possible. We do a lot of things similar. He's helped me ever since I was born, just throwing batting practice and teaching me how to hit. He's out there hitting me groundballs all the time. He's the guy I want to resemble the most.

Inside The Ivy: What has your dad taught you the most to this point in your career?

Josh Lansford: I would just say keeping a level head at all times. Every player goes through good times and tough times. Trying to stay even is probably the thing he taught me the most and what I noticed the most in the locker room.

Inside The Ivy: You obviously drew the attention of a few scouts this year. According to what your coach, Larry Lee, told us, he sees a lot of Carney in you. What are your thoughts on the comparisons?

Josh Lansford: Yeah, he's 6'2" and was about 210 when he was playing. I'm 6'3" and about 215, so we are very similar in terms of build. I try to play the game the same way he did – hard and respectful.

Inside The Ivy: What made you decide to transfer to Coach Lee and Cal Poly from San Jose State?

Josh Lansford: We'd played Cal Poly when I was at San Jose and I liked the way they went about everything. It came down to them and Oklahoma State. I went out to Stillwater and liked everything there, but I came here and met Coach Lee and some of the other coaches, and they showed me exactly what they did hitting-wise and how they go about business. They made a great impression on me and I committed two days later.

Inside The Ivy: Was the transition easy?

Josh Lansford: Yeah, we had played Fresno State in the WAC and coming to the Big West, you have Long Beach State, Fullerton, Irvine, all those teams. The competition was almost the same.

Inside The Ivy: One of the things we always ask about is the transition to wooden bats. You seem to have a leg up in that department, as your coach told us you had participated in a few wooden bat leagues, correct?

Josh Lansford: Yeah, I played mostly in high school with wooden bats during the summer. I feel more comfortable with the wooden bat in my hand, as I can feel the barrel better for some reason and can judge my swing a little faster.

Inside The Ivy: Growing up, I'm sure your father was a big part of that.

Josh Lansford: Exactly. I had a wooden bat in my hand since I was about five years old in the batting cages. He definitely saw how a wooden bat helps your swing, so he got me into it as early as possible.

Inside The Ivy: You come from a long line of baseball players. You had some uncles play pro ball and your brother, Jared, who is now with the A's. Runs in the family, huh?

Josh Lansford: I actually had two uncles, yeah. My dad came up with Anaheim and my uncle, Jody, came up with San Diego, and his brother, Phil, with Cleveland. We've had a lot of baseball guys. There's a little history there. [laughs]

Inside The Ivy: Did you know the Cubs were interested in drafting you?

Josh Lansford: Yeah, they took me out to lunch and we discussed some things. They were concerned that they didn't have another pick until the fifth round and may not be able to pull the trigger on me and that someone would get me before then. But things worked out and now I'm joining the Cubs.

Inside The Ivy: Is it too early to think about contract talks?

Josh Lansford: Actually, Jim Hendry called me yesterday to wish me good luck. He congratulated me and now it's between them and my agent, Dave Stewart, so they're going to get down to business and hopefully get it done quick so I can get out on the field.

Inside The Ivy: You mentioned the Cubs were concerned they may not be able to get to you in time for the fifth or sixth round. Did you expect to go this high in the draft?

Josh Lansford: Everyone told me different things, all the way from the top three rounds to the top 10. I really had no idea. The draft is crazy and you never know how it's going to pan out. I was just excited when my name came up.

Inside The Ivy: You're a third baseman by default. Do you have any other positions you often play?

Josh Lansford: I played some shortstop this year in a couple of games and feel comfortable there, but I like third base the most.

Inside The Ivy: Thanks for joining us. Congratulations on being drafted!

Josh Lansford: Thanks very much!

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