Q&A with Steve Clevenger

Cubs seventh-round draft pick Steve Clevenger hasn't been with the organization long. He just inked a professional contract on Thursday, but already he says the Cubs have talked to him about a change of scenery on defense.

Clevenger, who turned 20 in April, is originally from Baltimore. He began his college career at Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond, La., between Baton Rouge and New Orleans before transferring to Texas for a brief stay. He spent 2006 at Chipola Junior College of the FCCAA (Florida Community College Activities Association).

With the Indians, Clevenger batted .389 in 2006. He hit six home runs and totaled 40 RBIs in 180 at-bats.

Inside The Ivy: Did you expect to go this high in the draft?

Steve Clevenger: Well, I came down late to Chipola. I transferred down from the University of Texas, so a lot of scouts in Florida didn't really have a chance to see me play. I wanted to go this high, but you never know.

Inside The Ivy: What can you tell us about your journey to this point in your career?

Steve Clevenger: I've just worked hard and kept my grades up. I've always played with older competition, so it definitely takes a minute for it all to sink in. When I first heard my name called, it just hits you. For a second or so, you're just stunned. You realize it's your job now.

Inside The Ivy: What kind of a hitter do you see yourself as?

Steve Clevenger: I'm more of a line drive, gap hitter. I have some power, but I maintain a gap-to-gap approach.

Inside The Ivy: You're a shortstop by default, but your coach (Jeff Johnson) told us he could see you playing third base. Is that something you've considered?

Steve Clevenger: Yeah, they were talking about it earlier. As far as I know, I'm going to play short for now. If I move to third, I figure I'll have to put on a little more weight to justify the power numbers associated with the position.

Inside The Ivy: "They" being the Cubs?

Steve Clevenger: Yes.

Inside The Ivy: How would you rate yourself defensively?

Steve Clevenger: I'd say I'm above average. It just depends on where you play.

Inside The Ivy: You said earlier that a lot of Florida scouts didn't get a chance to see you. How many teams do you know of that were scouting you in addition to the Cubs?

Steve Clevenger: I had about 10 to 15 teams scouting me. There were maybe more than that, but I talked to scouts from about that many teams. I couldn't have picked a better team to be drafted by than the Cubs. They showed me the most interest of any of the clubs. I feel really comfortable going into the organization. My scout, Keith Stohr, is a really good guy. He was always at our games.

Inside The Ivy: Tell us something we don't know about you. How would you describe yourself off the field?

Steve Clevenger: I'm an out-going guy. I like to fish and hunt. I don't get that much time off, but that's what I try to do in my spare time.

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