Q&A with Felix Pie

METAIRIE, La. -- Cubs outfield prospect Felix Pie needs no introduction. His performance and progress are often profiled on a nightly basis, and he's long since been heralded the crown jewel of the Cubs' farm system. We caught up with Pie prior to the start of Monday's Iowa loss to New Orleans in the visitor's clubhouse and spoke to him for a few minutes.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Much has been made over the years of Pie's ability – or lack thereof – to speak affluent English. This is not to make excuses, rather an honest account of the situation at hand. With that said, our apologies in advance if questions and answers seem shorter than most interviews.)

Inside The Ivy: Obviously, there's a lot of talk about you getting a call-up. It probably would have happened last year if not for the injury. How much pressure, if any, is on you with so many people salivating to see you in Chicago?

Felix Pie: All I'm thinking about is being here at the moment. I'm with my Triple-A club right now. I don't know when they plan on calling me up, but I'll be ready when they are. I'm working hard every day and just want to play every day.

Inside The Ivy: Last year was a disappointment because of the ankle injury at mid-season. How tough was it on you?

Felix Pie: It was very hard, you know? You try not to be sad about it. But now I'm just focused on playing the game. I still play every bit as hard and try to pick my team up.

Inside The Ivy: You've recently been moved around in the lineup after years of batting in the leadoff spot. How do you think you have adjusted?

Felix Pie: Yeah, I'd been batting seventh. Tonight, they have me in [second]. I don't care where I bat really. It doesn't matter to me. I feel comfortable wherever they put me. It's a different setting batting further down.

Inside The Ivy: You've also gotten a few starts in right this year. So be honest – is this where the organizations sees you in the long run?

Felix Pie: (laughing) Yeah, we'll see. I feel I can play right field very well now. I feel comfortable playing there and in center.

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