Glendon Rusch Postgame Q&A

METAIRIE, La. – Cubs pitcher Glendon Rusch, placed on the disabled list earlier this month with back spasms, is in quite a "rusch" to get back to Chicago after making a rehab start with Triple-A Iowa Wednesday night against New Orleans. The left-hander threw 48 pitches and scattered one run on two hits over four innings against an inconsistent Zephyrs' offense.

Inside The Ivy: You looked good tonight. How did you feel?

Glendon Rusch: I felt good. I felt like I had some pretty good command on my fastball and that was really the key to what I wanted to do tonight.

Inside The Ivy: Being that it was your first rehab start, were you letting loose out there or conserving a little more than usual?

Glendon Rusch: I was letting loose, yes. Full force. It was good to get out there and do that tonight.

Inside The Ivy: So what's the game plan now? Where do you go from here?

Glendon Rusch: Unless something changes, the plan is that I'll go back to Chicago tomorrow morning and stay there for three or four days, do my workouts, and get ready to come off the DL Monday or Tuesday.

Inside The Ivy: How long had you been experiencing these spasms?

Glendon Rusch: Maybe 10 days or so before I went on (the DL).

Inside The Ivy: Had you ever had these before?

Glendon Rusch: No, I never had before. Fortunately, we got them out of there pretty quick. Now I feel good.

Inside The Ivy: As you get ready to fly back to Chicago, how difficult has it been to play in front of a hostile environment like Wrigley has been at times this year?

Glendon Rusch: It can be difficult sometimes. You never feel like you're giving the fans their fair share. We feel worse than anybody when we go out there and don't perform well. When we have a fanbase that has sold out every game, and we go out and don't play to our capability; make mistakes; and lose ball games, it's frustrating.

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