Ten Questions: Billy Muldowney

Cubs eighth-round draft pick Billy Muldowney hasn't pitched since July 9, but is scheduled to come off the disabled list in the coming days after being sidelined last month.

The right-hander will turn 22 a week from Wednesday after being drafted by the Cubs from Pittsburgh last June. In five appearances with short-season Class Low A Boise, Muldowney has a 2.29 ERA and 20 strikeouts to three walks. He went on the DL after making three straight starts with the team.


Q: What can you tell us about your DL stint?

A: I had some inflammation of the elbow. They decided to take the precautionary route, being that it's my first professional year. They put me on a throwing program and I actually threw my last bullpen [Monday] and will be getting ready to pitch again in a couple of days hopefully.

Q: Is the plan for you to re-join the Boise team?

A: Yeah.

Q: Did you find it odd when the inflammation first surfaced?

A: I started throwing in Mesa (Ariz.) and felt fine all the way through Boise. Before long, I developed a little pinch in my elbow. It never affected the way I pitched and my velocity was the same.

Q: Did you return to Mesa after going on the DL?

A: No, I stayed here the whole time.

Q: We understand you participated in a golf tournament in Boise earlier this week?

A: Yeah, it was a little scramble. It was a tournament hosted by Texas Roadhouse. One of our marketing directors asked me, Jerry Blevins and Jayson Ruhlman if we wanted to play. It was a great day to get out in the sun. I'm by no means a good golfer, but it was a lot of fun.

Q: With all of us suffering through the heat waves this summer, do the temperatures bother you?

A: Nah, I've always been a hot-weather guy. I love hot weather, so it's never bothered me.

Q: Are you enjoying your first professional stint so far?

A: It's awesome. Up here in Boise and being in the Cubs' organization, they take care of you first rate all the way. We have a good group of guys on the team and I've made some great friends and teammates. I'm having a great time.

Q: Ever get homesick for the Steel City?

A: I'm not sure if I miss it yet, because this is still like summer ball to me and I'm used to being away in the summer. It's crossed my mind a couple of times that I won't be going back to school this fall.

Q: What did you major in?

A: Communications.

Q: Any plans for life after baseball, maybe in the form of a TV or radio gig?

A: I picked communications because it was a broad field. I thought about going into announcing or broadcasting, but I think I'm better suited for the business world, such as sales. I think I might like sales better and think that's where I'd have an edge.

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