Quick Hits: Dave Bialas

The job of an organization's Minor League Field Coordinator is perhaps the most demanding of them all. The job requires travel to and from city to city, and coaching countless players who may never even reach the major leagues – let alone with your organization.

On the details of his job:
"There's a little scouting involved, but I'm aware of everything that happens on the field in a coaching capacity. ‘Field Coordinator' means I'm pretty much over everything on the field like fundamentals, hitting, pitching, base-running and fielding. I have good people around me, and good coordinators like Bobby Dickerson, Les Strode and Dave Keller. I oversee what we're doing. [Farm Director] Oneri Fleita put together a plan of what we're doing and what we're trying to accomplish at the minor league level."

On what exactly that plan is:
"He wants the game played properly, going out and playing hard, just as it should be. Teaching is so important at this level, with all of these aspects. Not only teaching, but as the players get older, there are different levels and more detailed portions of the game like pitch selection, situational hitting and fielding. We're trying to get these guys ready to play at the major league level. Then there are the work levels and work habits that you teach from the lower levels on up. We know we're going to run every ball out, play hard, and practice hard every day, day in and day out, and learn how to win."

On top outfield prospect Felix Pie and his season to date at Triple-A:
"Felix has developed well. I saw him when he first started (in 2002), and he's learned a lot. He's had success everywhere he's gone. He has all of the tools. He's 21 years old and he's in Triple-A. He's ahead of schedule. Yes, he's hit a little bump in the road, but without any doubt, Felix Pie is going to be a very good major league ballplayer. It's good sometimes for these guys when they hit a bump in the road. You learn a lot by the times you struggle. It's going to happen everywhere you go. With him, it really hadn't happened throughout his career. Now he's here, and he has to figure out a way to get it going. Without a doubt, it's going to happen. He's young; he's moved fast, from level to level. He played half a year at Double-A last year before his injury. I think he's ahead of schedule."

On top second base prospect Eric Patterson and his season to date at Double-A:
"Eric is another guy that's moved quick. He played his first full season last year. He's a good ballplayer. Without a doubt, he has tools. He can run and his fielding has really come a long way since he first came to us. The guy can hit, too. He knows how to play the game and his makeup is excellent."

On whether it's fair to compare Eric Patterson with older brother, Corey:
"They're two different people with two different personalities. Eric is more outgoing and I think he's done a great job going from Peoria to Double-A. He's done a good job and I think he has a future in the big leagues."

On Ryan Harvey's recent surge at Class-A Daytona:
"He's hit a different level in the Florida State League. You have all of an organization's top pitchers there, because they put them in that league. Why? I think it's just a great pitcher's league, with the big ballparks, the heavy air. He's going to have to make some adjustments, but he's starting to come around."

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