Q&A: Sean Marshall

Cubs starter Sean Marshall went on the disabled list in late July with a strained left oblique muscle and has since made four rehab starts at Triple-A Iowa. We caught up with Marshall and got his thoughts on his rookie season in the major leagues, when he expects to return to Chicago, and ... whether "his" MySpace page is legit.

Inside The Ivy: You've pitched really well over your last two rehab starts. How would you grade your progress?

Sean Marshall: I feel like my rehab assignments have gone really well. My first couple of starts, I was trying to get my legs back underneath me and my body back to full strength. My last two starts, I was as close to 100 percent as I have been all year. I feel like if they need me to pitch up there again, I'll be ready.

Inside The Ivy: Are your rehab starts over?

Sean Marshall: I don't know yet. I haven't gotten word, but am going to continue to work hard. I think with the amount of time I've spent here, I feel back to 100 percent. They've been keeping good eyes on me and making sure I'm coming back strong. Hopefully I'm showing that I am.

Inside The Ivy: What all have you worked on in the rehab starts aside from just getting back to 100 percent?

Sean Marshall: My last couple of starts, my cutter has been a lot better than it has at times this season. My changeup is back to where it was, and the curveball, too. I've tried to make sure all of my pitches are working.

Inside The Ivy: Overall, are you happy with the season you've had?

Sean Marshall: Yeah, I'm definitely happy. It's been a privilege for me to make the team coming out of Spring Training and to have the ability to pitch at the major league level. I feel like I've learned a ton and have had some good people influence me like the Maddux's and the veterans on our team. I've had a couple of rough outings, but for the most part, I believe it's been successful.

Inside The Ivy: Did you take it hard when the Greg Maddux's and Todd Walker's were traded?

Sean Marshall: Those guys are good baseball guys and smart in the game. The whole season, I've picked up some things, especially from Greg and learning by example from what he does up there. Todd Walker is the same way. He plays the game hard and smart. He's a good guy to learn from.

Inside The Ivy: What's been the quickest lesson you've learned from pitching in Chicago?

Sean Marshall: The quickest lesson is when you make a mistake up there, it's going to get hit hard, whether it be a double or a home run. You have to execute all of your pitches to have some success. I feel like I've done that and it's been the key to me having good starts.

Inside The Ivy: I've noticed a few of the ballplayers have MySpace pages and everyone is always curious as to which ones are created by the actual players and which aren't. Is your page legit?

Sean Marshall: No, I don't have one.

Inside The Ivy: On the upside, you must be doing something right to warrant your own imposter!

Sean Marshall: [laughs] That's funny. Now I want to go check it out! Where's it at?

"Sean Marshall" on MySpace.

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