Shaver to Have Surgery

Chris Shaver admits he hasn't been 100 percent healthy since he was drafted in the fourth round of the 2004 draft.

His numbers might otherwise conceal that, as Shaver won seven games in his first Double-A stint this past year, posting a 2.99 ERA and logging 150-plus innings. He was named a Southern League All-Star in mid-July.

But the 6'7" left-hander says he is preparing for minor off-season elbow surgery to remove a bone spur. The surgery is scheduled to be performed later this month and will require the southpaw to spend at least a portion of his off-season in Arizona at the Cubs' rehab facilities.

"I just found out last week that I've had a bone spur in my elbow for about two years," Shaver said. "It's something that I've kind of pitched through and dealt with. I feel it on some pitches and [some others] I don't. On the 26th of this month, I'm going to go ahead and have it removed."

Shaver began the year at Daytona before quickly being moved up to West Tenn in mid-April after roughly 10 days with the Class-A team. He struck out 120 and walked 56, posting a .256 average against with the Diamond Jaxx.

"I'll spend probably a good bit of my off-season in Arizona with the strength and conditioning guys," Shaver said. "I'm a little bit disappointed that I'm not going to be able to stay at home for a while and rest, but I think in the end this will be good because I haven't really been healthy since I signed.

"I've put up some good numbers and would really like to see what I can do if I'm 100 percent," he said.

Shaver spent 2005 between Daytona and Class-A Peoria, where he won five games and logged 136-plus innings. He secured a combined 3.77 ERA and struck out 95 while administering 52 walks in 25 starts.

West Tenn pitching coach Mike Anderson was Shaver's pitching coach at Daytona toward the end of '05 and was happy to see the College of William and Mary alumnus join his staff at Double-A early this past season.

"Even in the games when he didn't have good results [for the Jaxx], a lot of the damage on him happened in the seventh and eighth innings when he'd had pretty good games," Anderson said at the all-star break in mid-July. "When he's behind in the count, he's able to throw his changeup whenever he wants. That keeps him off his fastball."

"He's been outstanding," Jaxx manager Pat Listach added. "He's got a good fastball, 90 and up, and mixes it in with a slider that he throws into righties. He gets a lot of groundballs. He's got really good endurance and can keep you in the game for seven or eight innings."

Shaver says he'll be back by Spring Training next year.

"Definitely," he said. "I'm lucky that it's an arthroscopic surgery and that I'm not really being cut on. They're just going to go in to shave it off and take it out. I think it's only about a six to eight week rehab period and then I'll get back into my normal throwing program.

"I should be 100 percent well before Spring Training next year," he said.

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