Billy Muldowney Q&A

Right-hander Billy Muldowney, an eighth-round Cubs draft pick from Pittsburgh last season, made four starts for Class-A Peoria earlier this month before he was placed on the disabled list with elbow discomfort. In those four outings, the 22-year-old struck out 21 batters while walking four in 19 innings to help form a 3.32 ERA.

What's been the biggest thing you've had working in your favor this early into the season?

I've just tried to get ahead of guys and make pitches (both) early and later in the count. It's been working well so far.

Has there been any one particular pitch that you've zoned in on?

I throw a four-seam and a two-seam fastball, a changeup, and curveball (but) I've been using the two-seam fastball a lot so far.

Is it fair to say that's been the biggest thing you've had going for you early on?

Yeah, I've just been trying to work down in the zone and attack the hitters, especially early in the season when it's so cold. I've been in the northeast all my life so I'm definitely used to the weather this time of year.

Cold weather conditions traditionally favor the pitcher more so than the batter. Have you found that to be true in your case?

I think you want to be even more aggressive when it's cold and the hitters aren't typically warm. It's fairly early in the season and they haven't seen too many pitches, so you definitely want to be more aggressive.

Looking back on your first Spring Training, what did you spend the bulk of your time working on before heading into your projected first full season?

I was working on a lot of mechanical stuff and trying to repeat everything. I didn't really do much of anything different.

What can you tell us about this little stint on the DL?

I got a little tightness in my elbow coming from my bicep. It's probably just from going from Arizona, where it's really hot, to pitching in Appleton, Wisconsin, where it was about 5 degrees. Nothing structurally is wrong; it's just a little tightness. I would say it's more precautionary. It wasn't an extreme pain; it was just a little pinching and discomfort to where I couldn't throw all of my pitches. This early into the season and this early into my career, we just have to take it slow.

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