Cubs Prospect Report: Smokies Pre-game (WNML)

Each Sunday, joins Tennessee Smokies broadcaster Mick Gillispie on the air prior to the team's scheduled broadcast to discuss prospects throughout the Cubs' farm system. (Available in both WMA and MP3 formats.) Editor in Chief Steve Holley can be heard each Sunday prior to Tennessee Smokies baseball on the team's pre-game show, hosted by Smokies broadcaster Mick Gillispie on WNML "The Sports Animal," 99.1 FM and 990 AM in Knoxville, Tenn., and 99.3 FM in Jefferson City, Tenn. also sponsors the "Down on the Farm Report" in the fourth inning of every Smokies broadcast, 140 games a season.

You can catch all the action of the 140 Tennessee Smokies games online through the team's official site:


Or, to save to your computer and play as an MP3, click HERE.

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