Q&A with Josh Vitters

The Cubs made 17-year-old prep third baseman Josh Vitters their first-round draft pick on Thursday. InsideTheIvy.com caught up with Vitters the day after for his thoughts.

What did you think when you heard the Cubs call your name at No. 3?

It was amazing, a dream come true.

How much do you think your final prep season helped land you a top-three spot?

I think it helped me a little bit. I knew I had the talent to be a top-round guy, but I wasn't really sure what was going to happen.

Several publications had said that you were the top all-around prep hitter in the country. What do you think you do that justifies those type of accolades?

I hit good against the best competition in the country; in all the tournaments like the AFLAC (Classic).

What were some of the things you spent your time working on this past season?

Just getting stronger and faster, and working on my agility. That was pretty much the main points, along with keeping my swing polished.

You told reporters that you owe a lot of your success as an amateur to your brother, Christian, of the Oakland A's system. In what ways has he helped you?

He's helped me with the up's and down's of the game. He's helped me with my swing and just making sure everything was right there.

Your high school coach, John Weber, told us that you have 20-10 eyesight. When did you first discover that?

I went down to Dr. Greg Harrison a few weeks ago. He's a renowned guy that a lot of major league teams use. He said that I had the best eyes that he's seen since Barry Bonds because he actually worked with Barry. It was a pretty good compliment.

He also told us that the Cubs were getting one ballplayer that's going to be able to do the job of two men; meaning he sees you hitting well for both average and power.

I think he just meant that I have a really good ability to make adjustments at the plate. I square up the ball a lot, which means I hit for good average. I've hit for good power, too.

The other thing he told us was that with your speed, he could see you making a strong transition to a corner outfield spot if the need ever arose. Have you given any thought to playing other positions besides third base?

I don't know. I feel I can play either of the corner outfield spots, but I feel that my future is definitely at third base.

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