Q&A with Tyler Colvin

DAYTONA BEACH — Cubs prospect Tyler Colvin spoke about his first full season to date and more prior to Saturday's Florida State League All-Star Game in Daytona. The 21-year-old Colvin is batting .299 with five home runs, 23 doubles and 46 RBIs in 62 games.

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Q: How do you deal with the pressure that comes with being a first round pick and a top prospect in the organization?

A: Honestly, I don't think it's too much pressure for me personally. I don't try to look at myself as a first round pick; I try to remember that I'm just another player in the organization. I try to go out and play hard every day and do what I can for the team, and what I can to improve as a ballplayer.

Q: What have you worked on and tried to improve most this season?

A: I've been trying to really improve my approach at the plate. That's the type of thing that doesn't come in one season. Last year, I was working on that a lot in Boise and I'm still working hard on that here this year. It's all about pitch selection and trying to hit the right pitches while you're up there.

Q: As high as you went in the draft (13th overall), you were considered by many as a surprise pick, yet you've had a lot of success early on in your pro career. How does it feel to show everyone that the Cubs made a great pick?

A: It feels pretty good, but at the same time this is just a stepping stone. I have to pay my dues in the minor leagues. If I do well here, hopefully it'll translate into me playing well later on. I'm not going to really think too far into what is going on right now.

Q: What do you think you need to improve the most on, on your way through the system?

A: Plate discipline. Just trying to get pitches in the zone to hit and stay off of the ones that are outside my zone.

Q: What part of your game are you most confident in right now?

A: If there's someone on base in scoring position, I go up there with the mindset that I'm going to knock them in and that's what I've been trying to show here.

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