Q&A with Ronny Cedeno

DES MOINES – Ronny Cedeno recently experienced the trifecta. The Cubs infielder, who was batting .388 through 40 games with Triple-A Iowa, went 5-for-6 at the plate on Tuesday, helped turn a rare triple play, and then watched his team hold on for a win.

Q: What was bigger for you: going 5-for-6 or helping turn the triple play?

A: Both of 'em, but what about the win?

Q: The win is huge of course, but as a personal achievement, was it more satisfying to be part of a triple play or going 5-of-6?

A: Getting the win was the biggest part, but we made that triple play and I had a very good night. I'm just happy because it means that we won the game. The triple play was my first, though, so that was nice.

Q: Your offense has been up since being sent down. Are you spending more time on your offense now instead of working on both offense and defense?

A: I've got to work on both; I know that, so I work with (Cubs Minor League Infield and Bunting Coordinator) Bobby Dickerson. I took a few ground balls and we worked on it (defense) a little bit and I think I'll be OK. I just want to get back to the big leagues.

Q: Since you've been down here, have some of the guys asked you about what the major leagues are like and things like that?

A: They ask some questions, but I just go about my business and play hard. Whether they (the Cubs) want me here for a couple days or the rest of the season, I'm just going to do my thing.

Q: Going back to last year, what were your thoughts when the Cubs traded for Cesar Izturis? Did it bother you at all?

A: It didn't bother me; I was happy. I was in the lineup everyday and then when they traded for him, I got a few days off and then went over and played second base. They only gave me a few days so that I'd be ready to play second, turn a few double plays and feel comfortable. We had a good combination there.

Q: The I-Cubs have hit you in a number of spots in the lineup, including first, second and seventh through ninth. Where do you feel most comfortable?

A: Second, no doubt.

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