Quick Hits: Fuld on September, AFL

The memory of getting bathed in champagne after his team had just clinched a berth in Major League Baseball's post-season is one that Cubs rookie outfielder Sam Fuld isn't likely to soon forget.

He may have to temporarily put it in the back of his mind, though.

Fuld, who batted .287 in 104 games between Class AA Tennessee and Class AAA Iowa and was recalled to Chicago on Sept. 4, is headed to Mesa, Ariz., for the start of the 2007 Arizona Rookie League, which begins play in just under a week.

Fuld is one of seven Cubs prospects slated to be on hand in the AFL, where he will join pitchers Matt Avery, Justin Berg, Sean Gallagher and Rocky Roquet, and infielders Josh Lansford and Joe Simokaitis. The Mesa Sox, who houses prospects from the Cubs, Brewers, Astros, Cardinals and Red Sox organizations, will face the Phoenix Desert Dogs in the start of Fall League play on Tuesday, Oct. 9.

* * *
As a young player that came up through this organization, what was the feeling you experienced on Friday night in the clubhouse when the champagne started going off and everyone started celebrating?

Sam Fuld: Incredible. It was surreal, because you think back to where I started the season and where I started my career just a few years ago. To watch guys the whole year on TV and then to suddenly be a part of it in the pinnacle of the regular season was amazing. It's something I'll never forget for sure.

What was the deal with all of the costumes you and some of the other rookies were wearing on Saturday? I think you were Batman.

Sam Fuld: Yeah, (Ryan Dempster) seems to always be in the middle of things like that. I don't know exactly who the perpetrator was, but I think it was probably a team effort.

Ron Santo, like you, played the game with diabetes. Did the two of you bond any while you were with the team?

Sam Fuld: I've gotten a chance to speak with him a little bit. Obviously things have changed from when he played in terms of the technology. So in a way, I have it a lot easier and am a little more open about it. People realize that diabetes shouldn't hinder you athletically. We definitely shared some stories and it's great to have someone to talk about it with.

What are you looking to work on in the Arizona Fall League now?

Sam Fuld: I haven't thought about it a whole lot. I think really my goals going into every season and every different experience is just to continue to improve. Nothing specific comes to mind right now. I just want to continue to play hard. As long as my effort level is there, both during the games and in practice, I think that's all I can ask for. I know that I'll continue to improve as long as my work ethic is there.

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