Deric McKamey on Top 15 Cubs Prospects

Deric McKamey, one of baseball's preeminent minor league experts, has stopped by to provide his top 15 Chicago Cubs prospects, as published in his third annual Minor League Baseball Analyst. Deric will answer reader questions on his list in a separate feature later this month.

Deric McKamey has been BaseballHQ's Director of Minor League Analysis for 10 years and a baseball analyst for 20. A long-time disciple of Bill James and formally trained by MLB Scout School, McKamey is uniquely skilled to integrate sabermetrics and scouting. His prospect evaluation skills and many contacts have served him well in all aspects of his job, including advising the St. Louis Cardinals in 2004.

McKamey and BaseballHQ publish their Organizational Ratings for all 30 major league teams annually, ranking and analyzing each organization's top 15 prospects, as well as scoring each organization in the areas of hitting, pitching, and top-end talent.

McKamey takes his work much further in print form. Year three of the Minor League Baseball Analyst is available to order. In this book, McKamey profiles 1,000 prospects from across the game with in-depth scouting reports and stats that include batter skills ratings, runner speed, pitch repertoires, major league equivalents, ultimate potential, and much more. If readers order the Minor League Baseball Analyst from HQ directly, McKamey will include online updates in March.

Through the generosity of McKamey and BaseballHQ, the following is a subset of their rankings, which covers their top 15 Chicago Cubs prospects along with the rating system used to elucidate the rankings.

NOTE: As a supplement to this list, McKamey will respond to your questions about these Cubs prospects and any others you might have on the entire Cubs farm system. To participate, either send your questions to the Staff or post your questions on the Prospect Message Board. We'll collect them and publish his answers in a subsequent feature.


1. Kosuke Fukudome (OF)- 8A
2. Josh Vitters (3B)- 9D
3. Tyler Colvin (OF)- 8C
4. Geovany Soto (C/1B)- 7A
5. Jeff Samardzija (RHP)- 9D
6. Sean Gallagher (RHP)- 7B
7. Jose Ceda (RHP)- 8C
8. Eric Patterson (2B/OF)- 8C
9. Donald Veal (LHP)- 8D
10. Josh Donaldson (C)- 8D
11. Jose Ascanio (RHP)- 8C
12. Darwin Barney (SS)- 7C
13. Chris Huseby (RHP)- 8D
14. Tony Thomas (2B)- 7C
15. Kevin Hart (RHP)- 6A

Scale of (1-10) representing a player's upside potential

10 – Hall of Fame-type player
9 – Elite player
8 – Solid regular
7 – Average player
6 – Platoon player
5 – Major League reserve player
4 – Top minor league player
3 – Average minor league player
2 – Minor league reserve player
1 – Minor league roster filler

Scale of (A-E) representing the player's realistic chances of achieving their potential

A – 90% probability of reaching potential
B – 70% probability of reaching potential
C – 50% probability of reaching potential
D – 30% probability of reaching potential
E – 10% probability of reaching potential

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