Bob Costas Stops by Iowa Cubs Game

DES MOINES -- One of the most recognizable faces in sports broadcasting stopped by Principal Park on Monday.

Less than three weeks before leaving for the Beijing Olympics, longtime NBC sports anchor Bob Costas paid a visit to Raccoon Baseball, Inc. chairman Michael Gartner, who was the president of NBC News from 1988-93, at Principal Park Monday. Raccoon Baseball, Inc. has owned the Iowa Cubs for the last nine years.

Costas spent two innings on radio with KXNO broadcaster Randy Wehofer. It was the second straight year that Costas traveled through Des Moines to watch baseball.

"I just like watching baseball at any level," Costas said. "We watched part of an American Legion game in Van Meter earlier. At least I thought it was an American Legion game. We just kind of happened past it. Maybe it was just some sort of an off-season high school game or something."

In August, Costas will host his seventh Olympics for NBC. His book "Fair Ball: A Fan's Case for Baseball," spent several weeks on the New York Times' bestseller list in 2000.

"In an average year – this is not an average year because of the Olympics, and I'll be gone a good portion of the summer – I'll see 15 or 20 (live games) if I'm not working," Costas said.

A multiple Emmy award-winner, Costas added that he thought the Chicago Cubs currently have the best team in the National League.

But, "October is treacherous," he said.

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