Micah Hoffpauir Interview

It has been a memorable summer for Class AAA Iowa slugger Micah Hoffpauir. The 28-year-old first baseman/outfielder has had a career year in the minor leagues, batting .364 with 24 home runs and 95 RBI through 68 games. Now Hoffpauir is hoping to take his game back to the major leagues with the final month of the regular season looming.

You've been asked about hitting four home runs in the one game a few weeks back. Where does that rank for you? We know you don't go up looking to hit home runs.

Micah Hoffpauir: No, absolutely not. I was just fortunate to have those four at-bats, five at-bats or whatever it was. It's good just to hit and make the most of it. It was kind of one of those days that everybody dreams about. It was a lot of fun. Thinking back on it, it was probably one of the most memorable things I've ever done.

You've had an incredible season here. Your best yet?

Micah Hoffpauir: I think so. In situations that call for a hitter, I think I've done a good job. I hope to finish the year doing that same thing. So far, it's kind of an accumulation of everything coming together, and hopefully I can continue having that success further on down the road.

Did you expect to have this kind of season, especially considering you missed the first month or so with the oblique injury?

Micah Hoffpauir: I always expect myself to play well and I never go into anything without expecting myself to succeed. If I told you I didn't expect myself to succeed, I wouldn't be telling you the truth. But you never know how you're going to do and how you're going to go about things. The guys we have here (in the lineup), it helps a lot. We have guys here that protect people and I think that makes a difference, too. You have to tip your hat to those guys.

And you were actually worried that you might not be the same type of hitter following the knee injury that ended your season last year?

Micah Hoffpauir: Yeah, that was something the doctors talked about; they didn't know what kind of speed – I didn't have a whole lot of speed in the beginning – that I would have, or how I would come back from it. To come back the way I have is good for me, but I guess also good for the study of the surgery they're doing.

You know that you're going back up to Chicago in September; you've been there before this season and Jim Hendry has already said that you'd be going back. Talk about making your big league debut this year.

Micah Hoffpauir: The first time I got called up was a lot of fun. Obviously it was a dream come true and I got to be where I wanted to be and things like that. With the September call-ups, I haven't heard anything so I'm just going to continue to play as hard as I can. I never want to say things will happen because as you know in this game, stranger things have happened. I'll go about my business here and continue to have fun. But getting called up was a dream come true and it happened the first time whenever we went to Houston, so it happened in front of a lot of family.

How do you feel knowing that as a left-handed bat, you can actually help the big league club as opposed to just going up and taking a seat on the bench?

Micah Hoffpauir: Obviously I don't want to go there and just sit on the bench. Any way that I can help them, I'm open to. They've got guys there that obviously are playing the corner outfield positions and first base, so they're pretty well sewed up. I'll spell those guys here and there if they need it.

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