Q&A with Jim Adduci

From a relatively unknown minor leaguer to one of the Florida State League's top performers in 2008, outfielder Jim Adduci talks about his off-season work and the year he had at Class-A Daytona.

When the Cubs acquired Adduci from the Florida Marlins late in 2006 for minor league pitcher Zach McCormick, hardly anyone batted an eye. A native of Evergreen Park, Adduci had spent three injury plagued seasons with the Marlins after being drafted by the club late in 2003.

But since getting a fresh start with the Cubs, Adduci has excelled, batting a team-best .292 in 107 games with Class A Peoria in 2007 before following that up with a solid '08 campaign at Daytona, where he batted .290 in 123 games as part of a championship club.

How has your off-season gone thus far?

JIM ADDUCI: The off-season's gone really good so far. I've just been at home with my family living in Evergreen Park. I've been working out for a few weeks now. I've kind of got that bug from our season this year that our team had at Daytona and I've got an itch to go back. Someone told me that winning championships is addictive and it definitely is. Looking back on the year at Daytona and the group of guys we had and the coaches and coordinators, it was a great year and we had a lot of fun.

There really is no "off-season" for anyone, is there?

ADDUCI: You know what, you can take a little bit of time off, but we're so used to being on the go, and our bodies don't feel right if we're not working out or putting our bodies through lifting or running or something. I took about two weeks off and I just couldn't do it any more. It happens to a lot of people I talk to.

What makes you a good prospect and why should Cubs fans get excited about you?

ADDUCI: It's kind of up to them. I think the way I play the game is (about) where I'm from. I'm a blue-collar kind of guy. I work hard and play hard and I put the time in to get better. The way the Chicago people are, that's who I feel I represent: that blue-collarness. I'm not going to take any day for granted.

You talked about getting that off-season itch. What have you spent the last couple of weeks working on in the cages?

ADDUCI: Right now, I've been working with my father, who played, and a couple of other people. We're just talking hitting and talking about the mechanics and the approaches, and what other guys do and how they're successful. It's so early on that you don't have to worry about getting two hits a day or how you're going to feel for the game. There's no stress there. It's (the fall), but I feel like once you get into December then I know what kind of drills I need to do to feel mechanically better.

You didn't have a down month all season. What was the key to your consistency?

ADDUCI: It was just (about) having fun. With the group of guys that were down there, I had a blast playing. I feel like that was a good group and that going to the field wasn't a job; it was just playing baseball with your friends and I thought that really helped out (as did) working with Richie Zisk before games and during B.P.

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