Is This the Cubs Year? Maybe in Fiction

One of the great things about writers is they can take almost anything and make it a reality ... on paper. A new book written by authors Andy Van Slyke and Rob Rains – titled "The Curse: Cubs Win! Cubs Win! Or Do They?" – does just that.

It's July. The Chicago Cubs are in first place by a full five games over their arch-rivals, the St. Louis Cardinals. Is this finally the year? The Cubs have the power, the speed -- all those things Steve Goodman still sings about at Wrigley Field.

There's just one problem: they're still the Cubs. Bad things often have a way of just singling them out. And as every Cubs fan knows, nothing comes easy.

So when the unthinkable occurs just days before the All-Star break, the Cubs franchise and the sports world are turned upside down. By a twist of fate, the Cubs suddenly have a new owner, one who inherits the team he's revered since childhood from his father, an intriguing and sinister man. The Cubs now have to pick up the pieces and start from scratch again, and in the middle of a pennant race no less.

What follows is no small shortage of fresh challenges, the likes of which no owner has ever been presented. There is the challenge to rebuild (and quickly), a battle of egos as the Cubs' new owner copes with issues pertaining to his own insecurities, plus cryptic links to his late father's ever-increasing troubling past that could derail the team all over again at any moment.

With more than 30 years experience covering baseball, Rains, and Van Slyke, himself a former major league outfielder with the Pittsburgh Pirates, spin an interesting tale of mystery, suspense and fantasy. They take readers on a 300-plus page baseball rollercoaster, taking a morbid "what if?" scenario and giving it life.

If you thought that what the 2004 Boston Red Sox had to overcome en route to ending their franchise's 86-year championship drought was something, you haven't seen anything until you've met these Chicago Cubs. Play ball.

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