Cards Winter Warm-Up audio: Sunday, 1/19/14

12 press interviews from the St. Louis Cardinals Winter Warm-Up on Sunday, January 19.

Following are selected interviews held during day two of the St. Louis Cardinals Winter Warm-Up at the Hyatt Regency at the Arch on Sunday, January 19, 2014.

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Matt Adams
A noticeably-trimmer Adams says he has lost 6-7 pounds, but more of his better look is due to reduced body fat. Regarding his elbow discomfort last season, he noted the brace he wore "helped big time." They are "playing around" with the idea of Adams wearing the brace full time. He noted it does not inhibit his swing.

During the winter, he has been focusing hitting against left-handed pitching, noting they have exposed him with sliders down and away. When he returns home, Adams is hoping to use some "elite college left-handers" to pitch live BP. He has been swinging 4-5 days per week after having taken 3-4 weeks off.

Adams is not changing his approach when opponents deploy the shift against him. He will continue to go with the ball, and not "fall into the trap of where guys play" (him defensively).

Joe Kelly
Fast off-season - said his wedding was one of five. Talks extensively about his earthquake experiences.

Not up to players on roles – need to go out and perform. Spring is practice. First priority is for players to get ready. Not focused on numbers 1 through 5 in a rotation and who is in them. Throwing 25-30 pitches now. Working way up.

Got confidence from his good outings in 2013, but not focused on past. Couldn't even remember about World Series outings. Has pitched for years. Will go to camp attacking, beating hitters every day.

Mark Ellis
The new second baseman had his first meeting with the local media. He recapped the recruiting process and his pleasant surprise joining the Cardinals. Friends with Skip Schumaker. Being a mentor is not what active players want to be.

Elis said his priority is to win. Regarding positions, he said, "I am a baseball player." Came up as a minor league shortstop, played third base in college. They don't need to tell me a lot. Wants to come and play. Has never won a ring. Sees StL as best chance to get it.

Stephen Piscotty
The prospect outfielder is not rushing to get the big leagues. Having a great time at each level of the system. Hopes to get there at some time. It will be an honor to get there.

Sees part of Cards org success is having good people in the system. 1 ½ years in system has been very busy. How to go about business – The Cardinal Way – being ingrained. Mike Shildt, his manager in Springfield and AFL, has provided inspiration and motivation. Faced a lot of good arms in AFL, good chance to get better.

Pitched, 1B, left field and 3B at Stanford. This was first year in right. Had to learn angles, etc. Cards told him well before spring training so he could prepare. Would be happy to play multiple positions to get to bigs.

At MLB's rookie development program, he learned about media handling, finances, family situations that could come up.

Carlos Martinez
Translating for the young right-hander was his business manager Alexy Hernandez, from Miami. Carlos said he pitched in winter ball to gain experience as a starter and to work on his pitches, especially his change-up. He wants to build the confidence to be able to throw it in any count.

He considers relieving a bit easier but always wanted to be a starter. He wants to pitch every inning like the seventh. Martinez is heading to Miami to throw BP and work out until reporting to spring training. Earlier, he did cross fit training for six weeks to strengthen his core muscles.

Shelby Miller
The right-hander is one of the players to be participating in football-style drills with Matt Holliday and Trevor Rosenthal. Miller was heavier last year, but this year has more muscle. Wants to maintain weight at 225 or maybe a little higher. Said Holliday "makes the weights scared of him."

Miller's biggest goal is to go deeper into games, but also mentioned pitching 200+ innings, winning 20 games and winning the World Series.

Regarding not pitching in October, he was "a little upset" that he did not pitch, but "put it away". Did not ask coaches and does not plan to. "Let it be mystery unsolved," he said. Miller reaffirmed there was no physical problem.

Miller admitted trades are always a possibility, but is glad he is a Cardinal. He closed by saying he wants "to be an Adam Wainwright someday."

Jason Motte
Coming back from May Tommy John surgery, Motte has been doing shoulder "prehab" but will head to Florida to start throwing under the eye of Cards trainer Adam Olsen. He still does not have a timetable. Motte was briefed by Mike Matheny that Trevor Rosenthal would close and understands, He made it clear that he would not want to be out there in the ninth inning at less than 100 percent.

Regarding his post-2014 direction, including possible free agency, his answer was simply, "Whatever happens, happens." Especially close to Stan Musial and his family, Motte closed by reflecting on the one year anniversary of the passing of "The Man".

Tony La Russa
The retired manager called his Hall of Fame selection "a surreal experience". Most humble, he still believes the Hall is for players and didn't think he had the personality to join the "Masters of Baseball". TLR doesn't feel "good fortune" like he experienced should be Hall criteria.

La Russa discusses his hardest season, most challenging, the one that made him happiest and more. He reminisced about Stan Musial and discussed his support of expanded instant replay.

He finished by noting that the Cardinals "will be good for a long time".

Matt Carpenter
The third baseman begins with a discussion of his new house and goes into his off-season preparation, which began with a couple of weeks of needed rest. Called his move to third base "returning home". Was very proud with his learning second base and thinks the experience will make him a better third baseman. Feels he is further ahead in his preparation for playing third.

Last season, the expectation was set. Wants to equal or exceed that, personally and for the team. Mike Matheny hasn't told him where he will hit in the order yet.

Jon Jay
Jay opens with answering questions about his wedding. Regarding the Bourjos trade, he will come in and be ready to compete. Has been in this situation before. Matheny called him to let him know. Agrees with team doing everything they need to win.

Maybe the results weren't there all season long, but the effort was there. Second half was back to his career numbers, but first half and playoffs were not. Jay is not making excuses for his defense, though admits that maybe he didn't get some balls he didn't get before.

Already had in the back of his mind the possibility of playing all three outfield positions. Have done it before.

Allen Craig
Craig said he took a month off after the season "from doing anything on his feet." He says he is feeling good and his foot is feeling good, but there is "still a little room for improvement". Excited about "running around" in the outfield this season and has been doing more long toss to get his arm ready.

Like many others, Craig was asked about David Freese leaving. Adopting a "wait and see" attitude about how the offense will look, but they will figure out how to get it done. Said he hadn't heard talk about Cardinals stealing signs.

Admitted his foot was "pretty sore" in the playoffs, but doesn't want to talk about it. Was a tough time in his career to not be able to play in September so coming back in World Series meant a lot.

Lance Lynn
Lynn has been working out with Carpenter in St. Louis this off-season. Had a year-long lease. Focus this winter was strength vs. weight last year. Already has the same pitches Carp has, so no new offerings to learn.

Coming to camp, "I am a starter. That is it." Knows there is 26 pitches coming to camp each year. (I apologize the end of this interview was lost.)

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