Hines making visits; eyes end of process

Rated as a four star prospect and the nation’s No. 25 running back, Garner, NC standout Nyheim Hines has no shortage of suitors. He’s currently in the midst of what appears to be a final tour of visits before approaching a decision. We spoke with Hines about that and much more.

Over the last few days Nyheim Hines has visited Duke, Wake Forest, and now North Carolina in what promises to be a final tour around Tobacco Road. Following his departure from Chapel Hill, the nation’s 25th ranked running back will attempt some further trips before moving forward with the decision making process.

“I’m going to try to visit Florida, Clemson, and Georgia,” said Hines. “After that I’ll probably just get [the recruiting process over with]”.

Though he’s enjoyed the process at times, Hines says the sentiment of “getting it over with” is one that seems to be growing on him. And for good reason.

“Really, it’s too much. It’s not about where you go, but what you are going to do when you get there. I’m where the coaches aren’t beating around the bush much. It’s very direct.”

The Duke coaches were among those coaching staffs who have made it clear they would love to add the in-state back with much of the recruiting pitch coming from Coach Boyette. Last week’s visit to Durham provided player and coaches a chance to discuss that and more.

“The Duke visit was great because I just hung out with the coaches for the day. I’ve been to Duke multiple times, and it was good to hand out with Coach Boyette and Coach Faris. I had lunch with them and Coach Montgomery and with Jamison Crowder and Josh Snead.”

“Away from the visit I talk with Coach Boyette the most. He and I are very similar people, and our birthdays are only four days apart. We are comfortable and just talk about everything.”

The relationship with Duke stands in contrast to some other programs recruiting Hines it appears. And now, with his senior season approaching along with the potential end of his recruitment, the four star back says he’s learned some lessons.

“If I could go back and offer advice to myself, I’d say what my father told me, because he was right. He said the camps don’t matter. Coaches don’t look at them, and it’s all just hype for social media. They can actually hurt you unless you run a blazing 40. Instead of going to a recruiting camp, go to the university camp, which will help because that’s how coaches will see you. Some get offers from coaches liking what they saw just on a website camp.”

That approach, according to Hines, has made it somewhat easier to differentiate levels of genuine interest from the various coaches recruiting him. He also believes that most of his options are on equal footing when it comes to football, which is why educational opportunities may be the tipping point for him.

“It’s about where you go and what you make of it. I know that even if I go to the perfect place for me and I don’t work hard on and off the field, it’ll be very tough to be successful. You have to choose where you think you’ll be the most successful, and not for the next four years, but for the next 40 years.”

Hines is rated as a four star prospect and the nation’s No. 25 running back according to Scout.com. He claims more than 20 offers including those from Arkansas, Clemson, Duke, East Carolina, Flordia, Georgia, Louisville, NC State, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Ohio State, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, and West Virginia.

He finished his junior season with 3,140 yards rushing and 49 touchdowns and 600 yards receiving and nine touchdowns. Highlights below:

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