Rookie Pitcher Hessler Swings BIG for Dbacks

Hits leader and rookie pitcher, Keith Hessler, swings BIG for the DBACKS!

As I was looking at some stats today, something hilarious caught my eye. I am constantly annoyed and confused when I analyze what we look at when ranking players. For example, just a few days ago I looked at hitting stats that showed Paul Goldschmidt, A.J.Pollock and David Peralta atop the leaders. Today that same stat sheet showed rookie pitcher Keith Hessler as the hitting leader for the Dbacks. The 26 year old, 28th round pitcher was brought up August 8th and his pitched 5 innings and had one at bat. That one at bat propelled him to a batting average of 1.000, trumping the second place hitter Paul Goldschmidt who has a measley .333 average and 28 home runs.

I would like to personally welcome Keith to the Big Leagues. The 6'4” 230lb. Southpaw bounced all over the minors this summer from Visalia, CA to Mobile, AL to Reno, NV, I'm sure not knowing that by the end of summer he would be the hitting leader on the big league roster. While I'm not sold on his bat, I am hoping he brings that sub 1.00 whip he traveled with all summer.

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