Paul Goldschmidt and Colby Lewis: Being a dad

Players like Paul Goldschmidt and Colby Lewis have been two of the handful of players who have taken the MLB paternity leave to see their children be born.

I am fortunate enough to have many professional baseball players as friends, it's a perk of the biz. However, few have ever impressed me as much as Texas Rangers pitcher Colby Lewis. As I got to know Colby, his character stood out above his talent in the game. He looks at his wife Jenny with the eyes of a devoted husband in love. He talks about his kids with excitement and struggles on long trips away from the family he adores. I will never forget an interview I saw with Colby during the 2010 ALCS. I'm paraphrasing, but when asked how he adjusted his personal life during important playoff times, he basically replied something like this. I give 100% when I play, but when I get home, my kids don't know whether dad won or lost, they just wanna wrestle. This is Colby's character and probably why he was the first player to take the MLB paternity leave. He wanted to see his daughter be born and that's what was going to happen. I remember newspapers and radio shows saying he wasn't a team player and selfish. They could not have been any farther from the truth. Rangers GM Jon Daniels has publicly talked about Colby's on field maturity and contribution as well as his positive attitude which changes the clubhouse atmosphere.

Recently, Arizona Diamondbacks Paul Goldschmidt followed suit by taking paternity leave for two games to be with his wife Amy for the birth of their first child. A fierce competitor, who never wants to miss an at bat or a chance to help his team win. That being said, for a few days, baseball aside, it was time to head to Phoenix and be apart of something that is once in a lifetime. Dbacks skipper Chip Hale not only supported the decision, but helped Goldy watch the clock so that he would make his flight out.

Besides his presence at first base and his home run bat, this gives us another reason to be a fan.

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