Q&A with Andrew McCutchen

CF Andrew McCutchen of Fort Meade High School in Florida earned a spot as an AFLAC All-American as one of the country's best rising seniors. Despite committing to the University of Florida, McCutchen is expected to be one of higher draft picks among the high school players in June's MLB Draft.

Andrew McCutchen, also a talented football player and track star, hit .474 with 8 HRs, 40 RBI, with just 5 strikeouts in 2004. Throw in 45 stolen bases and a 4-5 performance in the AFLAC All-American Classic against the nation's best, there's no wonder why he's considered one of the best high school prospects in baseball. Scout.com sat down for a Q&A session with the speedy outfielder.

At what age did you begin playing baseball?
I have been playing every since I was five. My dad signed me up for it, and we tried to find something I was good at, and it ended up being baseball. Ever since then I just worked at it every day, and have gotten better by just practicing it day in and day out.

What would you describe as your biggest strength?
My biggest strength I have is my speed and that I can hit for average. My speed really helps me out in terms of hitting for average and beating out hits, as well as covering ground in the outfield and reaching balls that many other centerfielders would not be able to reach.

Have you committed to a college for next fall?
Yes I have, I will be attending Florida University.

How did you reach the decision to attend the University of Florida?
I felt real comfortable with the coaching staff, and I also knew the majority of the players on the team, and that made me feel right at home with them.

Having committed to Florida, what will you be looking forward to accomplishing your senior season?
I want to bat over .600 and have at least 10 home runs, get at least 55 stolen bases, after having 45 stolen bases last year, and above all help my team win.

So you put high standards on yourself...
Yes sir, I definitely do.

What will be your thought process entering the 2005 Major League Draft in June?
I expect to be drafted pretty high and hopefully my expectations become reality.

Is there a player in the major leagues that you model your game after?
Yes, that would be Tori Hunter.

Talk a little about your experiences traveling all around the country playing baseball?
It was a great experience and something new for me, especially this year. I had traveled previously but nothing to the extent that I traveled this year, going from one state to another every month. However, at the same time going and seeing different faces and having different experiences, just made the whole experience more exciting for me.

Is there one baseball moment that just stands out for you right now the most?
That would have to be when I was selected to play for the USA National team. To be one of a handful of players chosen in the nation just made me feel very good.

What part of your game are you currently working on the most?
I am working on getting bigger and stronger, and that will improve my chances at the next level, in terms of being able to compete.

Who would you credit as being the biggest influence in your life?
My dad has just been next to me since age 5 and has been through every step with me, whether it was traveling with me or paying for lessons and equipment. I feel I would not be at the point that I am at now if it was not for him.

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