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Mr. Fitzgerald,

Regarding your column "Keep It Clean, For A Change," what exactly do you expect from a game that is most notable for it's violence?  While Peyton Manning was firing a record number of touchdown passes, the recurring segment "Jacked Up" on ESPN was the most popular part of their 'NFL Live' show.  The Super Bowl is the most watched show on television year in and year out.  Advertisers pay rediculous amounts of money to get their ads broadcast, against the stiffest competition.  Who has the money to pay those fees?  Drug companies and beer companies.  Maybe the most entertaining, and smart, ad run during this Super Bowl was the ad for 'GoDaddy.com.'  Was it clean, not by a long shot, but in one fell swoop it mocked the debacle of last year's Super Bowl, it made us laugh, and most of all, it made me remember GoDaddy.com.  The Super Bowl has been, and will continue to be, more about entertainment than football, and if you don't like it, it's time to change the channel.

Larry Waters, Colorado Springs, Colorado


To the Editor of FutureBacks.com,

Chad Jones is a pretty good baseball writer, and I look forward to reading his 'Jibber Jabber' articles, but it might be best for him to stick to baseball.  Emmitt Smith might be the most overrated player in the history of sports.  Running behind the best offensive line in maybe the history of football Smith ran through holes big as the state he played most of his career in.  Smith might be in the Top 10 running backs of all time, but no where near the top.  Stick to baseball guys.

Jerry, Phoenix, AZ


Well, there you go, you wanted it you got it.  I'm not in favor of nipple showing during the halftime show, but instead we got a 60 year old former star who hasn't made good music in more than 20 years.  As usual, the American media has gone from one wild overreaction (remember, the 'Nipplegate' half time show was produced by MTV, who was brought in to make the half time show "Hip"), to another (a former Beatle?  Come on, who not trot Donnie and Marie Osmond out there?).  Are you happy now?  Two seconds of nipple is a lot less annoying to me than 10 minutes of a washed up Baby Boomer icon.  Let's hope the powers that be in the NFL don't listen to any more of your brilliant ideas.

Brad, Moorehouse, NY

JOSE CANSECO IS AN IDIOT.  We all know it, but the problem is that everybody has been tainted.  There is only one way to make this go away, the strictest possible testing, and ignoring the morons like Canseco who are only in this for a buck.

Joe, Chicago, IL

Chad Jones,

There are opinions, and there are harmful choices.  How is it possible that you can you say that Jose Canseco's biggest transgresion was 'Ratting Out Your Boys.'  What kind of example does that give?  "You shouldn't take steroids, but if you do, you really shouldn't tell anybody about it."  That's exactly the kind of thinking that has let to the rampant use of steroids throughout baseball.  Everybody looks the other way, everybody keeps their mouth shut.  And the game suffers.  Maybe there should be a 'blanket party' for you.


Mesa, AZ 


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