Diamondbacks Spring Training Photo Gallery

The Diamondbacks have many new faces in 2005, and FutureBacks.com gives you your first look at many of them.

LHP Jon Cannon loosens up with a football in Tucson.
Troy Glaus and Brandon Medders work on defensive drills.
Alex Cintron and Royce Clayton chase Manager Bob Melvin around the bases.
Luis Gonzalez stretches out, his health will be closely monitored this Spring.
Clayton and Melvin discuss the finer points of holding runners close to second.
Mark Grace is officially a broadcaster, but with so many young players his experience won't be wasted this Spring.
Koyie Hill is back behind the plate, and the ankle seems to be fine.
This early in the Spring everyone is working together.
Melvin surveys his squad.
Ramon Pena is a possibility for the #5 spot in the rotation.
Chris Snyder had an impressive debut in '04, will he be back with the Diamondbacks to start '05?
Chad Tracy is the Diamondbacks first baseman primarily because of how he handled the bat last season.
Javier Vazquez is the Diamondbacks #1, but for how long?
Grace was one of the best defensive first basemen of the 90's, can he turn Tracy into one of the best of this decade?
Tracy's defense at first base will be a key this season.
Randy Johnson casts a long shadow, will Vazquez fill it?
Can Brandon Webb bounce back to the form he showcased his rookie season?
Brandon Webb is the longest tenured member of the Diamondbacks starting rotation.

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