The FutureBacks 50

Last year Stephen Drew was #2 on our Top 50. With Drew, Carlos Quentin, and a host of others now officially no longer 'prospects,' who will be #1? How about #5? #39? They are all here, all 50. The next generation of Diamondbacks, the ones who will be sporting those brand new red, white, and black unis. This is your Top 50.

What is a Top Prospect?  How do you make it on the FutureBacks 50?  To put it simply, you need to be able to make the Bigs.  It takes a rare combination of talent, work ethic, and smarts to make it to The Show.  The 50 players on the FutureBacks 50 are not next year's team, some are as far as three, four, or even five years away.  Last year though 12 different players on the FutureBacks 50 saw time in the bigs, including Stephen Drew, Carlos Quentin, Scott Hairston, and Florida Marlins Rookie of the Year candidate Dan Uggla.

At we talk to the scouts, we talk to the coaches, the players, the front office personnel and we go to the games.  We watch mechanics, swings, work ethic, drive, smarts, baserunning, footwork and myriad other factors.  We huddle, we talk, we argue, and we fight for the guys we believe in. 

And finally, we rank.  The FutureBacks 50 is the definitive list of the top prospects in the D'Backs organization.  These are, to put it bluntly, your Future D'Backs.  Over the next two months we'll have features on every player here, as well as a few that didn't make the list due to age, injury, or 'just missing.'  The D'Backs have a new stadium (at least in name), new colors and logos, and these are the guys who will be taking us into this new generation of D'Backs baseball.

Justin Upton

Owings and Montero

Doug Slaten

Dustin Nippert

Rank Player
1 Carlos Gonzalez
2 Justin Upton
3 Miguel Montero
4 Chris Young
5 Greg Smith
6 Micah Owings
7 Danny Richar
8 Alberto Callaspo
9 Chris Carter
10 Cyle Hankerd
11 Doug Slaten
12 Emilio Bonifacio
13 Ross Ohlendorf
14 Mark Reynolds
15 Dustin Nippert
16 Brooks Brown
17 Chris Rahl
18 Matt Elliott
19 Tony Pena
20 Alberto Gonzalez
21 Jaime D'Antona
22 Brett Anderson
23 Hector Ambriz
24 Steven Jackson
25 Evan MacLane
26 Kyler Newby
27 Gerardo Parra
28 Andrew Fie
29 Cesar Nicolas
30 Forrest Cory
31 Matt Torra
32 Leyson Septimo
33 Matt Green
34 Josh Ford
35 Esmerling Vasquez
36 Joey Side
37 John Hester
38 Brad Miller
39 Pedro Ciriaco
40 Tony Barnette
41 Greg Thomson
42 Ryan Doherty
43 Adam Bass
44 Edward Romero
45 Clint Goocher
46 Orlando Mercado
47 Enmanuel Duran
48 Shane Dove
49 Brandon Burgess
50 A. J. Shappi

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