Diamondbacks Q&A: Connor Robertson

Connor Robertson, the reliever acquired by the Arizona Diamondbacks along with Dan Haren, spoke with FutureBacks.com in an exclusive interview.

The following are excerpts from our seven-minute audio interview with Connor Robertson.  Premium FutureBacks members can

On how/when he heard about the trade:

"The winter meetings being here in Nashville where I live, I heard some rumors about Dan Haren and some of our other pitchers.  I had no idea that I would be involved in a trade.  It came as a complete shock when I got the call."

On the Oakland Athletics' developmental philosophies:

"One thing I always liked about the A's development is that they weren't focused a lot on velocity.  Velocity's important, but not the main factor, and that really helped me out.  Instead of thinking about my power and my throwing the ball, [we emphasized] location, change of speed.  One thing that really helped out is I had some really good pitching coaches that helped me along the way."  

On two injuries he suffered last season:

"A ball came back at me and hit me in the thumb, broke the tip of my thumb, and I missed two months... it was tough to really get back in the groove."

"Late in the year, I was just jogging one day, or running, and something felt weird in my calf.  It just never would get better.  I was having trouble pushing off with my left calf.  There was only a week left in the season, or two weeks, so they just shut me down for the rest of the year.

On being the closer vs. being a setup guy:

"I like both, but I really like the setup position, because I can get two innings-plus sometimes in a game... Closing, I think there's a little more intensity, and you've really just got to pound the strike zone; really get after them with your good stuff.  You're never thinking [that you would] need to pitch around anybody.  I kind of like both roles, but either one's fine for me.  But middle relief, I think that's a fun part of the game.  Especially if you can help get your starter out of a jam, or help another pitcher get out of a jam.  That's just a great feeling."

"Being a reliever, you're not in the spotlight that much...  it's kind of like the offensive line of baseball."

Conor also spoke with us extensively about his repertoire: what he throws, how he uses it, and what he's working on. Premium FutureBacks.com members can access the full seven-minute audio interview:

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