Rookie Tackles Tussle for Lineup

The Arizona Cardinals picked up some major depth for the defensive front seven this offseason, but the budding offensive line has seen little to no changes. There are four rookie tackles looking to change that, as they hope to impress at rookie workouts. A crack onto the roster would mean lining up beside or alongside the Browns of the O-line.

Last season's offensive line made major strives to becoming a unit to look up to. The group allowed just 24 sacks (9th best in the league) and allowed its signal callers to pass for a fifth best (254.1 ypg and 4, 065 yards overall).

This year's success will be about building continuity with the players in place and incorporating a rookie to fill a backup role on either side of Matt Leinart. Levi Brown is an obstinate force on Leinart's blindside, and Mike Gandy should continue to start at left tackle.

That leaves the backups. The big guys up front are too valuable to the organization to have Elton Brown as the only depth on both sides.

The Cardinals will likely fill another spot on the offensive line, with the rookie who is the most versatile and can switch to guard if needed, but the premium will be at the tackle position.

Seventh-round pick Brandon Keith seems to be the shoe-in to line up behind Levi Brown. Keith has big size (6'5" 343) and surprisingly quick feet. Keith has a very good chance of becoming a reliable face in the Cardinals organization.

However, not much separates Keith from his competition. All are biting at the chomps for a spot in the lineup, or a chance to be built up through the program.

Another possibility is Peter Clifford. He is a naturally competitive player with an elite work ethic and quality leadership skills. Then there is Thaddeus Coleman whose experience at playing both right and left tackle well, is key. He also has excellent study habits can only help his game.

While most organizations reward left tackles, Leinart's throw puts the Cardinals in the opposite boat, which has Elliot Vellejo in a good spot. He was a consistent starter for University of California- Davis and boasts a 6'7", 315 frame.

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