Diamondbacks Sign 12 Draft Picks

Drafting great players isn't of much help if you cannot sign them, as the Houston Astros can tell you after their 2007 fiasco. One week after the 2008 draft, the Arizona Diamondbacks have inked 12 of their 51 draft picks as well as one undrafted free agent. While some clubs have come to terms with twice as many draft picks already, the D-backs have already secured some of their tougher signs.

After the 2007 draft, the Diamondbacks only signed three of their 12 high school selections, and corralled none of the nine drafted on day two.  This year, they have already secured three high school draft picks with over two months remaining before the signing deadline.  

Below are the 13 latest additions to the Arizona Diamondbacks organization.  You can follow our 2008 Draft Tracker for up-to-date info on which draft prospects have signed.

Collin Brannen Cowgill  
5th round pick
School:  University of Kentucky, Grad 6/2008
Hometown:  Lexington, KY

In the 2000 Amateur Draft, the Arizona Diamondbacks selected a pitcher in the 8th round out of the University of Kentucky.  That pitcher was one Brandon Webb.  What Collin Cowgill lacks in upside, he makes up for in performance and makeup, and he could join Webb on the major league team in a few short years.

Justin David Parker
6th round pick
School:  Wright State (OH) Univ, Grad 6/2009
Hometown:  Bluffton, IN

Justin Parker certainly signed a lot more quickly than his younger brother did.  Last year, Jarrod's agent - who is the same as Justin's - held out until literally the last hour to sign.  The elder Parker may not have as high of a ceiling that the junior Parker has, but he could actually get to the big leagues sooner.

Q&A with Justin Parker

Miles Thomas George Reagan
7th round pick
School:  El Capital (CA) High School, Grad 6/2008
Hometown:  Lakeside, CA

As a primarily fastball/changeup pitcher, Miles Reagan has less wear-and-tear on his arm than hurlers who rely on their breaking balls at a young age.  That and a strict 90-pitch limit imposed on him in high school should leave his power arm in great shape for his professional career with the Arizona Diamondbacks.

More on the Miles Reagan signing

Kyle Matthew Greene
11th round pick
School:  Lewis-Clark State (ID) College, Grad 5/2008
Hometown:  Lewiston, ID

Like Cowgill, Kyle Greene was a college senior selected fairly high in the draft, which usually makes the decision to sign an easy one. 

Robert Louis Stone III
15th round pick
School:  Montgomery High School, Grad 6/2008
Hometown:  Montgomery, TX

Bobby Stone is a big Texan who profiles as a power-hitting corner outfielder. 

Bryan Woodall
21st round pick
School:  Auburn (AL) Univ, Grad 5/2009
Hometown:  Phenix City, AL

Woodall is a sinker/slider pitcher who models himself after Brandon Webb.  He has had success in the difficult SEC as both a starter and as a reliever, and is willing to slip into either role professionally.

Q&A with Bryan Woodall

Nelson Omar Gomez
24th round pick
School:  Keystone (PA) College, Grad 5/2009
Hometown:  Rio Grando, Puerto Rico

Nelson Gomez signed with Arizona as a junior rather than play out his senior year at Keystone and try for a selection higher than the 24th-round next June.

Terry Lee Hose
36th round pick
School:  East Carolina Univ, Grad 5/2008
Hometown:  Hagerstown, MD

Terry Hose had little leverage as a senior drafted in the lower rounds, and promptly signed with the D-backs.

Jesse Orosco Jr.
38th round pick
School:  Grossmont (CA) College, Grad 5/2008
Hometown:  San Diego, CA

That's right, this is the son of the Jesse Orosco who played with nine different MLB teams, then signed with the Arizona Diamondbacks as a 46-year old in November of 2003 shortly before retiring.  While it is certainly premature to forecast a 24-year major league career for Jesse Orosco Jr, his pedigree certainly improves his odds of making it to the show.

Brendan Michael Duffy
41st round pick
School:  Oral Roberts (OK) Univ, Grad 5/2008
Hometown:  Glendale, AZ

Brendan Duffy was a five-year senior and local draftee, hailing from Glendale. 

David John Lawrence Cooper
44th round pick
School:  Mt. Olive (NC) College, Grad 6/2008
Hometown:  Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

David Cooper was also a five-year senior at Mt. Olive, so he will need to advance through the system quickly to remain a prospect.  One of Cooper's 2007 teammates, Thomas Layne, is enjoying a fantastic season as a swingman for the South Bend Silver Hawks.

Daniel James Kauffman
46th round pick
School:  Juniata (PA) College, Grad 5/2008
Hometown:  Conestoga, PA

Dan Kauffman is a big first baseman with a nice-looking swing out of Pennsylvania.  He had been a senior at Juniata college.

Justin Stephen Mace
Undrafted free agent
School:  Lewis-Clark State (ID) College, Grad 5/2008
Hometown:  Boise, ID

Justin Mace joins Lewis and Clark teammate Kyle Greene as a member of the Diamondbacks organization despite not meriting a selection among over 1500 draft picks last week.

Daniel Schlereth (1st), Patrick McAnaney (8th), and Ryan Babineau (17th) have each confided a strong preference for signing to FutureBacks.com, with McAnaney appearing to be the most imminent.  Bryan Shaw (2nd) told us that he has agreed to terms, and will fly to Phoenix early next week to take a physical and sign.

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