Barry Enright All-Star Game Interview publisher Steve Holley spoke with top Arizona Diamondbacks pitching prospect Barry Enright at the Southern League All-Star Game Monday night. Enright discussed not only his experience on the All-Star team, but the adjustments he has made as a pro, his secondary pitches, his relationship with fellow Pepperdine product Dan Haren, and more.

Barry Enright was part of a large contingent of Mobile BayBears at the 2009 Southern League All-Star Game.  Enright did not pitch as his south teammates got thumped 7-0 by their North rivals, but the experience was nevertheless a positive one for him.

"It's a huge honor," said Enright.  "You've seen a lot of these guys from different teams: the best in the league.  Just to being able to play with them and being named along with them is a big honor to me, and probably to everyone else too."

Along with the honor of the selection, Enright has had a lot of fun befriending his season-long rivals for a couple of days.

"Obviously, everyone's competitive, and they know it's for bragging rights, North versus South," Enright began.  "But for the most part, I get to talk to the hitters.  I go up to Matt Young and some of the other hitters I've faced during the year and ask them, 'Man, I threw you a great pitch the last at-bat I  faced you, and still you got on base!  How does that happen?' So you get to joke around and make pretty good friends out here.  Everyone on this team seems like pretty cool, down-to-earth guys."

of the full interview with Barry Enright. publisher Keith Glab contributed to this write-up

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