Bustabad Wins 690th Minor League Game

Juan Bustabad was the Boston Red Sox's first-round pick as a shortstop out of Miami-Dade College in 1980 but quite reached the Major Leagues. However, over three decades later, the young man has crafted an impressive niche as a Minor League manager in the Los Angeles Dodgers' system. He played three seasons in the Dodgers system at San Antonio and Albuquerque.

  Full Season Clubs
.503 (72-71)—Tim Wallach, Albuquerque
.478 (65-72)—Carlos Subero, Chattanooga
.536 (75-65)—Jeff Carter, Inland Empire
.674 (90-49)—Juan Bustabad, Great Lakes

  Short Season Clubs
.596 (44-31)—Damon Berryhill, Ogden
.563 (40-31)—Pedro Mega, Dominican 
.545 (30-25)—Lorenzo Bundy, Arizona Rookie
The 47-year-old Bustabad recorded his 547th managerial win in the Dodgers system as his Great Lakes team won 90 and lost 49, the top mark in 2010. In nine seasons with the Dodgers he has won seven division titles and reached the league finals five times.

Bustabad, in his 13th managerial season and his ninth with the Dodgers' organization, improves his overall record to nearly 700 games. He has had just one losing season with Los Angeles.

"I have to thank all the players that I've managed and all their hard work and dedication. They play hard every game. Without them, I couldn't do it.," said Bustabad.

Bustabad, who made it as far as Triple-A during his nine-year playing career, improved to 600-495 in his 13th season as a manager, the last nine of which have been with the Dodgers.

He is now in 16th place on the all-time Dodgers' minor league charts with 547 wins against 459 losses for a .427 percentage. He passed Tom Lasorda and Kevin Kennedy in 2010.

Though he's managed seven of his Dodgers affiliates to championship series, including the Pioneer League in 2000, three in the Gulf Coast League in 2001 (League Champions), 2006 and 2007 and, more recently, 2009 and 2010 with the Loons. But Bustabad has not achieved his ultimate goal.

"My goal is still to make it to the big leagues [as a coach or manager]," Bustabad said. "I got the call two years ago (2007) to be on the Dodgers' coaching staff and it was a great experience for me, being there for the first time and seeing how the big leagues work."

Wallach "Best Managerial Prospect?
In its annual "Best Tools" issue which ranks the top players and managers in both the Major and Minor Leagues, Baseball America selected Wallach over 15 worthy PCL managers in.

A veteran of 17 Major League seasons as a player, Wallach was a five-time National League All-Star, a three-time Gold Glove Winner, and twice won the Silver Slugger Award.

Other Dodgers Managers
Pedro Mega, who managed the Dodgers Santo Domingo team, is in 26th place with 378 wins after a 40-31 record in 2010.

Wasiak All-Time Leader
Stan Wasiak, who managed for an incredible 30 years in the Dodgers' system, is the all-time minor league leader in wins and tops the Dodgers' franchise with 2075 victories. Clay Bryant (1338) and Don LeJohn (1241) are in second and third place.

John Shoemaker, who is now Coordinator of Instruction at Camelback Ranch, was a member of the Dodgers minor league system as a player, coach, coordinator and manager. He won 396 games at Jacksonville, the most in club history and his 1,156 wins ranks fourth on the all-time managerial charts for the Brooklyn/Los Angeles clubs.

A number of former major league managers got their experience in the Dodgers minor league system, including Walter Alston, Terry Collins, Del Crandall, Preston Gomez, Glenn Hoffman, Tommy Holmes, Tim Johnson, Kevin Kennedy, Tommy Lasorda, Danny Ozark, Jerry Royster, Clyde Sukeforth,

Also Duke Snider, Don LeJohn, Max Macon, Ray Hathaway, Bobby Bragan, Pete Reiser, Ron Roenicke, John Shelby, Norm Sherry, Rick Dempsey, Al Campanis, Bill Russell and Mickey Hatcher, who all played for the Dodgers.

Among the 90 managers who won 100 or more games, here are the top winners:

 Top 25 Career wins—
	        yrs	 won-lost	 pct
Wasiak, Stan	30	2075-1844	.529
Bryant, Clay	16	1338-1203	.527
LeJohn, Don	19	1241-1226	.503
Shoemaker, John	18	1156-1124	.507
Schereger, Geo. 15	1016-925	.523

Rochelli, Lou	12	 848-763	.526
Macon, Max	10	 826-661	.555
Hartsfield, Roy	11	 790-713	.526
Hathaway, Ray	11	 765-803	.488
Crandall, Del	10	 740-554	.572

Alston, Walter	 8	 694-472	.595
Ozark, Danny	 9	 665-648	.506
Mulleavy, Greg	 9	 630-589	.517
Hauser, Joe	 8	 578-388	.598
Hopper, Clay	 6	 549-378	.588

Bustabad, Juan	10	 547-459	.544
Kennedy, Kevin	 8	 532-373	.588
Collins, Terry	 8	 498-497	.501
Berrier, Bill	11	 496-523	.487
Bivin, James	 6	 492-336	.594

Perry, Ray	 7	 484-475	.505
Lasorda, Tom	 8	 478-367	.566
Alexson, Andy	 7	 464-375	.553
Ebel, Dino	 7	 452-431	.512
Bragan, Bobby	 5	 437-345	.559

  Other Managers	  
                  yrs	 won-lost	 pct
Mega, Pedro	11 	 418-331  	.558
Royster, Jerry	 5	 362-349	.509
Reiser, Pete	 6	 350-339	.508
Debus, John	 6	 272-272	.503
Roenicke, Ron	 4	 270-223	.548
Hoffman, Glenn 	 4	 279-343	.449
Sherry, Norm	 3	 207-213	.493
Shelby, John	 4	 202-209	.491 
Dempsey, Rick	 3	 200-219	.477
Campanis, Al	 2	 183-163	.529
Bundy, Lorenzo	 3	 171-171	.500
Carter, Jeff	 3       167-170	.496
Wallach, Tim 	 2       152-155	.503
Snider, Duke	 3	 144-113	.560
Barbary, Travis	 3	 142-136	.511
Russell, Bill	 2	 136-150	.476
Valentin, John	2        129-141 	.478 
Subero, Carlos 2         124-81 	.421
Hatcher, Mickey	 3	 102-119 	.462

 Less than 100 wins: 	yrs  won-lost	 pct
Berryhill, Damon  	 2     86-65 	.570
  Highest Winning Percentage

 Class AAA—
Pct    manager      city         year    W-L
.712  Del Crandall, Albuquerque, 1981  94-38
 Class AA—
.656  Ray Hayworth, Fort Worth, 1946  101-53
 Class A—
.679  Duke Snider, Tri City, 1966      57-27
 Short season—
.855  Tony Bautista, Dominican, 1996	59-10

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