Six Dominate Dodgers Minor Batting Chart

Six minor league players dominated the Dodgers offensive charts in 2010. John Lindsey, Jerry Sands, Dee Gordon, Chris Gutierrez and Jamie Hoffman tops all 13 lists, with Lindsey leading the way with four and Sands claiming three. The top 10 players in the Los Angeles system are listed below.

John Lindsey, who battled through 16 minor league seasons before he got his first cup of coffee in the Majors, earned the top slot in batting average (.353), slugging, on-base plus slugging and runs batted in. Now on the major league roster, he will be given a chance to earn a spot during spring training.

Lindsey was announced in a Major League game for the first time, on September 8th, although he didn't record an official plate appearance as Dodger manager Joe Torre immediately pinch-hit for him with Andre Ethier. Lindsey batted and flied out the next night, becoming the oldest (33 years and 222 days old) non-Asian born player since 2002 to appear in the Major Leagues. He collected his first Major League hit on Sept. 12 at Houston.

According to Dave Smith at, Lindsey is the 20th player in Major League Smith at, Lindsey is the 20th player in Major League Baseball since 1920 to debut without stepping between the white lines. The only other Dodger on this list is Billy Ashley, who debuted on Sept. 1, 1992 only to be pinch-hit for by Tommy Lasorda with Mike Scioscia.

Lindsey, who will be 34 next season, joined the Dodgers minor league system in 2007, left in 2009 but returned in 2010. He has clouted 76 home runs over his five years in the organization.

Jerry Sands, the latest wunderkind in the system (an appropriate german name for someone who at an early age masters one or more skills at an adult level), collected the runs created, runs scored and home run leads.

Sands was a 25th round selection in 2008 after hitting .390 with 20 home runs and 80 runs batted in at Catawba Collect in North Carolina.

He hit .315 between Ogden and Great Lakes in 2009, with a combined 19 home runs and 58 runs batted in over 58 games. He was assigned to Great Lakes in 2010 and hit .333 with 18 home runs, 46 RBI and a .646 slugging average.

Selected to the Midwest Eastern Division All-Star Team he went 1-for-2 with a two-run home run and was named the game's "Top Star."

Zipped past Class A Inland Empire to Class AA Chattanooga on a midseason promotions, Sands led the Lookouts with 17 home runs in 68 games and finished the season with 35 home runs overall, which tied him for third among all minor leaguers.

Dee Gordon captured the two speed department leaderships, triples and stolen bases at Chattanooga where he hit .277 over 133 games, scoring 86 and banging out 154 hits. His 10 triples and 53 stolen bases led the Los Angeles system.

Jamie Hoffman led in games and hits at Albuquerque; Chris Gutterriez in on-base percentage with Inland Empire and Brian Cavazos-Galvez was the two-base hit leader while seeing action with the Loons.

The Complete top 10:

 Batting Average
.353 John Lindsey 1b  	        Alb
.347 Jay Gibbons dh	        Alb
.318 Brian C-Galvez of  	GLk
.315 Russ Mitchell 3b	        Alb
.312 Chris Gutierrez ss  	IEm
.310 Travis Denker 2b  	        IE/Al
.310 Jamie Hoffmann of  	Alb
.309 JT Wise c  	        GLk
.305 Mike Restovich of  	Alb
.301 Jerry Sands 1b  	        GL/Ch
.300 Trayvon Robinson of  	Chat

 On-base percentage
.416 Chris Gutierrez ss 	IEm
.404 Trayvon Robinson of 	Chat
.400 John Lindsey 1b   	        Alb
.395 Jerry Sands 1b  	        GL/Ch
.378 Jamie Pedroza 2b	        Chat
.375 Jay Gibbons dh 	        Alb
.375 Kyle Russell  of	        IE/Ch
.371 Mike Restovich of  	Alb
.369 Jamie Hoffmann of  	Alb
.363 JT Wise c	GLk

 Slugging average
.657 John Lindsey 1b	        Alb
.594 Jay Gibbons dh	        Alb
.586 Jerry Sands 1b	        GL/Ch
.558 Kyle Russell of	        IE/Ch
.535 Russ Mitchell 3b	        Alb
.520 Brian C-Galvez of	        GLk
.511 Mike Restovich of	        Alb
.505 JT Wise c	                GLk
.488 Blake Smith of	        GLk
.469 Alfredo Silverio of	IE/Ch

 On-base + slugging
1.057 John Lindsey 1b	        Alb
 .981 Jerry Sands 1b	        GL/Ch
 .969 Jay Gibbons dh	        Alb
 .934 Kyle Russell of	        IE/Ch
 .898 Russ Mitchell 3b	        Alb
 .882 Mike Restovich of	        Alb
 .868 JT Wise c	                GLk
 .863 Brian C-Galvez of	        GLk
 .852 Blake Smith of	        GLk
 .842 Trayvon Robinson of	Chat

 Runs Created
114.53 Jerry Sands 1b 	        GL/Ch
102.30 John Lindsey 1b	        Alb
 97.96 Russ Mitchell 3b	        Alb
 97.88 Kyle Russell of	        IE/Ch
 85.34 Brian C-Galvez of	GLk
 84.73 Jamie Hoffmann of	Alb
 79.43 Jay Gibbons dh	        Alb
 76.95 Angelo Songco of 	GLk
 76.07 Trayvon Robinson of	Chat
 74.53 Blake Smith  of  	GLk

139 Jamie Hoffmann of	Alb
138 Jerry Sands 1b	GL/Ch
135 Angelo Songco of 	GLk
133 Dee Gordon ss	Chat
130 Ivan De Jesus 2b	Alb
130 Jamie Pedroza 2b	Chat
130 Eduardo Perez 1b	Chat
129 Kyle Russell of	IE/Ch
127 Russ Mitchell 3b	Alb
126 Nick Buss of	GL/IE

102 Jerry Sands 1b	GL/Ch
 97 Russ Mitchell 3b	Alb
 91 Jamie Hoffmann of	Alb
 89 Ivan De Jesus 2b	Alb
 87 Angelo Songco of 	GLk
 86 Dee Gordon ss	Chat
 80 Trayvon Robinson of	Chat
 78 Kyle Russell of	IE/Ch
 77 Blake Smith of	GLk
 76 Brian C-Galvez of	GLk

169 Jamie Hoffmann of	Alb
159 Russ Mitchell 3b	Alb
158 Ivan De Jesus 2b	Alb
156 Brian C-Galvez of	GLk
154 Dee Gordon ss	Chat
151 Jerry Sands 1b	GL/Ch
144 John Lindsey 1b	Alb
139 Chris Gutierrez ss	IEm
139 Angelo Songco of 	GLk
137 Kyle Russell of	IE/Ch

43 Brian -Galvez of	GLk
41 John Lindsey 1b	Alb
38 Russ Mitchell 3b	Alb
36 Jamie Hoffmann of	Alb
34 Corey Smith 3b	Chat
33 Ivan De Jesus 2b	Alb
33 Eduardo Perez 1b	Chat
33 Kyle Russell of	IE/Ch
30 Angelo Songco of 	GLk
28 Jay Gibbons dh	Alb
28 Jerry Sands 1b	GL/Ch
28 Blake Smith of	GLk

10 Dee Gordon ss	Chat
 8 Nick Buss of  	GL/IE
 8 Christian Lara ss	GLk
 7 Trent Oetjen of  	Alb
 7 Kyle Russell of  	IE/Ch
 6 Alfredo Silverio of IE/Ch
 6 Angelo Songco of  	GLk
 5 Elian Herrera of  	Ch/Alb
 5 Trayvon Robinson of Chat
 5 Brian Ruggiano 3b	GLk
 5 Jerry Sands 1b  	GL/Ch
 5 Scott Van Slyke  of IE/Alb

 Home runs
35 Jerry Sands 1b  	GL/Ch
26 Kyle Russell of  	IE/Ch
25 John Lindsey 1b  	Alb
23 Russ Mitchell 3b  	Alb
19 Jay Gibbons dh  	Alb
19 Blake Smith of  	GLk
16 Brian C-Galvez of  	GLk
16 Lucas May  c 	Ch/Alb
15 Angelo Songco of  	GLk
14 Justin Sellers ss  	IE/Alb
14 Scott Van Slyke of  	IE/Alb

 Runs batted in
97 John Lindsey  1b 	Alb
93 Jerry Sands  1b 	GL/Ch
91 Kyle Russell  of  	IE/Ch
87 Russ Mitchell 3b	Alb
86 Corey Smith  3b 	Chat
83 Jay Gibbons  dh	Alb
77 Brian C-Galvez of	GLk
76 Blake Smith  of 	GLk
74 Jamie Hoffmann of 	Alb
71 Angelo Songco of  	GLk

 Stolen bases
53-20 Dee Gordon ss 	        Chat
43-13 Brian C-Galvez of 	GLk
40-14 Rafael Ynoa 2b 	        GLk
38-15 Trayvon Robinson of 	Chat
32-11 Elian Herrera of 	        Ch/Alb
18-2  Jerry Sands 1b 	        GL/Ch
17-7  Jamie Hoffmann of 	Alb
17-7  Alfredo Silverio of 	IE/Ch
17-9  Christian Lara ss 	GLk
16-5  Chris Gutierrez ss 	IEm
15-12 Brian Ruggiano 3b 	GLk

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