Minors Pitching Leadership Shared by 11

Albert Bastardo, Allen Webster, Luis Vasquez, Rubby De La Rosa, Kenley Jansen, Matt Magill, Kyle Smit, Chris Withrow, Will Savage, Josh Wall and Steve Ames shared the 2010 Dodgers Minor League Top Ten charts. Bastardo, Vasquez, Jansen, Magill, Wall and Ames were double winners.

Albert Bastardo, who played for Chattanooga and Albuquerque, and Allen Webster, who pitched for Great Lakes deadlocked with an even dozen wins each. Luis Vasquez (Great Lakes), topped the system with 20 saves and led all relievers with 5.39 hits per nine innings.

Matt Magill (Great Lakes), allowed only 6.21 hits per nine innings and also held the top spot among starters with 9.64 strikeouts per nine innings.

Kenley Jansen, the converted catcher that went on to dazzle the National League over the last half of the season, had a 1.60 earned run average and 15.60 strikeouts per nine innings, leading all relievers in the L.A. system. Josh Wall worked 153 innings and stared 27 times for Great Lakes.

Steve Ames was the final double winner, allowing 0.96 walks per nine innings and finished with a WHIP (walks plus hits per inning pitched) of 0.85.

The other leaders included Rubby De La Rosa, he of the 100+ fastball, who topped the starters with a 2.37 ERA between Great Lakes and Chattanooga. Kyle Smit started 49 times with Inland Empire and Chattanooga. Chris Withrow, pitching for Chattanooga and Albuquerque, tied with Wall at 27 starts each.

Will Savage pitched for Great Lakes, Inland Empire and Chattanooga and allowed only 1.72 walks per nine innings.

The top 10 in each category:
12-9  Alberto Bastardo	Ch/Alb
12-9  Allen Webster	GL
10-6  Elisaul Pimentel	GL
10-5  Brent Leach	Ch/Alb
10-5  Will Savage	GL/Chat
 9-8  Tim Corcoran	Alb
 9-7  Josh Wall	        GL
 9-14 Ethan Martin	IE
 7-2  Rubby De La Rosa	GL/Chat
 7-4  Matt Magill	GL
 7-8  Aaron Miller	IE/Chat

20  Luis Vasquez	GL
18  Jon Huber	        Chat
16  Scott Dohmann	Alb
16  Steve Ames	        GL
 8  Kenley Jansen       IE/Chat
 8  Matt Sartor	        IE/Chat
 7  Kyle Smit	        IE/Chat
 6  Rubby De La Rosa	GL/Chat
 6  Eric Krebs  	IE/Ch
 6  Steve Smith	        GL

 Earned Run Average
2.37  Rubby De La Rosa	GL/Chat
2.88  Allen Webster	GL
3.28  Matt Magill	GL
3.68  Aaron Miller	IE/Cha
3.98  Elisaul Pimentel	GL
4.24  Josh Wall	        GL
4.25  Brett Wallach	GL
4.32  Will Savage	GL/Chat
4.45  Nathan Eovaldi	IE
4.94  Mario Alvarez	Chat

 Earned run average
1.60  Kenley Jansen	IE/Chat
1.95  Justin M. Miller	Alb
2.10  Justin T. Miller	GL/Chat
2.30  Jon Huber	        Chat
2.33  Javy Guerra	Chat
2.54  Steve Ames	GL
2.68  Luis Vasquez	GL
2.69  Steve Smith	GL
2.95  Jordan Roberts	GL
3.02  JB Paxson	        GL

 Hits per 9 innings
6.21  Matt Magill	GL
7.11  Rubby De La Rosa	GL/Ch
7.54  Aaron Miller	IE/Ch
7.82  Elisaul Pimentel	GL
7.97  Brett Wallach	GL
8.17  Allen Webster	GL
8.47  Josh Wall	        GL
9.26  John Ely	        Alb
9.55  Ethan Martin	IE
9.76  Brent Leach	Ch/Alb

 Hits per 9 innings
5.39  Luis Vasquez	GL
5.80  Kenley Jansen	IE/Chat
6.62  Andy Suiter	GL
6.73  Steve Ames	GL
7.05  Justin M. Miller	Alb
7.09  Jon Huber	        Chat
7.38  Steve Smith        GL
7.45  Jordan Roberts	GL
7.61  JB Paxson	        GL
7.71  Justin T. Miller	GL/Ch
8.00  Javy Guerra	Chat

49  Kyle Smit	        IE/Chat
47  Scott Dohmann	Alb
46  Matt Sartor	        IE/Chat
45  Eric Krebs	        IE/Ch
45  Jon Link	        Alb
45  James Adkins	Ch/Alb
44  Justin M. Miller	GL/Chat
44  Cole St. Clair	IE/Ch
42  Steve Smith	        GL
42  Jesus Rodriguez	Ch/Alb

 Games started
27  Chris Withrow	Chat
27  Alberto Bastardo	Ch/Alb
26  Josh Wall	        GL
25  Will Savage	        GL/Chat
24  Brett Wallach	GL
23  John Redding	IE
23  Allen Webster	GL
23  Aaron Miller	IE/Chat
23  Jesus Castillo	Ch/Alb
22  Ethan Martin	IE

153.0  Josh Wall	GL
152.0  Will Savage	GL/Chat
144.0  John Redding	IE
139.1  Alberto Bastardo	Ch/Alb
131.1  Allen Webster	GL
129.2  Chris Withrow	Chat
129.1  Tim Sexton	IE/Chat
127.0  Jesus Castillo	Ch/Alb
126.1  Matt Magill	GL
124.2  Aaron Miller	IE/Chat

151  Josh Wall 	        GL
135  Matt Magill 	GL
121  Aaron Miller 	IE/Chat
120  Chris Withrow 	Chat
116  Elisaul Pimentel 	GL
116  Brett Wallach 	GL
115  Alberto Bastardo 	Ch/Alb
114  Allen Webster 	GL
110  Tim Sexton 	IE/Chat
102  Will Savage	GL/Chat

 Strikeouts per 9 innings
9.64  Matt Magill	GL
9.15  Brett Wallach	GL
9.07  Elisaul Pimentel	GL
8.88  Josh Wall	        GL
8.77  Aaron Miller	IE/Chat
8.38  Seth Etherton	Alb
8.36  Chris Withrow	Chat
8.36  Ethan Martin	IE
8.04  Josh Walter	IE
7.83  Allen Webster	GL

 Strikeouts per 9 innings
15.60  Kenley Jansen	IE/Chat
14.09  Steve Ames	GL
12.91  Andy Suiter	GL
11.05  Eric Krebs	IE/Ch
10.98  Matt Sartor	IE/Chat
 9.90  James Adkins	Ch/Alb
 9.38  Jon Huber	Chat
 9.22  Cole St. Clair	IE/Ch
 9.14  JB Paxson	GL
 9.00  Justin M. Miller	Alb
 9.00  Javy Guerra	Chat
 9.00  Brandon Matt	IE

 Walks per 9 innings
1.72  Will Savage	GL/Chat
2.03  Seth Etherton	Alb
2.78  Tim Corcoran	Alb
2.86  Tim Sexton	IE/Chat
3.03  Josh Lindblom	Alb
3.04  Alberto Bastardo	Ch/Alb
3.11  Rubby De La Rosa	GL/Ch
3.31  John Redding	IE
3.42  James McDonald	Alb
3.49  Nathan Eovaldi	IE

 Walks per 9 innings
0.96  Steve Ames	GL
1.75  Kyle Smit	        IE/Ch
2.22  Bobby Blevins	IE/Alb
2.25  Jordan Roberts	GL
2.34  Steve Smith	GL
2.41  David Pfeiffer	Chat
2.48  Travis Schlichting Alb
2.49  Jon Huber	        Chat
3.14  Jon Link	        Alb
3.26  Geoff Geary	Alb

 Walks+hits per 9 innings
0.85  Steve Ames	GL
1.06  Jon Huber	        Chat
1.07  Steve Smith	GL
1.09  Jordan Roberts	GL
1.10  Matt Magill	GL
1.13  Rubby De La Rosa	GL/Chat
1.16  Kenley Jansen	IE/Chat
1.16  Kyle Smit	        IE/Chat
1.22  Justin M. Miller	Alb
1.24  Luis Vasquez	GL
1.27  Juan Perez	Alb

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