2011 Hardball Times Annual Covers New Ground

Just in time for the Christmas 'hint' season, the 2011 Hardball Times Annual could help you avoid another unwrapping session and yields six different shades of ties and a package of underwear. But remember, this book is not for the casual fan, although it can quickly change you from casual to excited.

The Hardball Times Baseball Annual 2011 compiles some of the best analytical and historical writing on baseball with unique and innovative statistics into a timeless annual guide. This comprehensive book covers the entire 2011 season from the first pitch to the last out.

The goods in this year's Annual include:

• Ben Jedlovec of Baseball Info Solutions and the folks at Sportvision talk about their latest data collection efforts. Jedlovec discusses the "hang time" of batted balls while Sportvision the FIELDf/x system they implemented in San Francisco this year. Both articles include some preliminary results and findings.

• Along those same lines, Dave Cameron discusses the state of fielding analysis in the sabermetric community and Brian Cartwright takes a new and improved look at some of the dimensions behind fielding analysis.

• Craig Wright, one of the very first sabermetricians to really study pitcher usage and pitch counts, has written a seminal treatise on the subject that includes some history, his prior research, and his current thinking, giving you a different perspective on the matter.

• Vince Gennaro, who wrote Diamond Dollars: The Economics of Winning in Baseball and consults with several major league teams about player contracts and team economics, talks about some of the recent highlights and lowlifes in free agent contracts.

• Sean Smith revisits the subject of whether catchers can impact pitcher ERA, while Nick Steiner uses PITCHf/x data and his own game observations to analyze the issue of catchers framing pitches.

• Chris Jaffe has figured out the best and worst benches of all time, and will tell you who they were.

• John Walsh revisits, in more detail, the question of umpire bias at the plate by using PITCHf/x data in even more detail. •

• Jeremy Greenhouse uses PITCHf/x data to delve even further into the question of pitcher "stuff" and "command."

• Larry Granville of Wezen-ball presents the things he found out while watching every single home run hit this year on videotape. He also has a terrific piece on today's fan experience.

• Jeff Sackmann uses historical Marcel projections to uncover some of the best unexpected results and underlying trends in baseball history.

In addition, Craig Calcaterra presents his skewed version of this year's happenings. Tom Tango has three things he's always wanted to finish researching. Dave Studenmund talks about this year's batted balls and WPA results. John Dewan discusses team defense. Greg Rybarczyk reports his own findings from this year's Hit Tracker results. Brian Borawski reviews the year's baseball business.

There is all this and much more for the price of a couple of hamburgers and two chocolate malts -- but it gives you much more to chew on.

The annual is available at booksellers nationwide, on-line and directly from the publisher for $22.95. Go for it.

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