A perfect Book For Fantasy Play

Don't even think about joining a Fantasy Baseball League next spring until you get "Graphical Player" in your hands. This special volume, from the remarkable minds at ACTA Sports, lists over 1,000 players from both the majors and minors to make your life more enjoyable -- and profitable.

With millions of baseball fans hungry for the best resources to win their fantasy leagues, ACYA Sports has taken the research right out of your hands with this fantasy gamers dream book that includes at-a-glance dashboards for every player you might be interested in.

It features analysis from 24 of he web's most savvy baseball writers and is expressly aimed at fantasy league aficionados.

The 2011 edition includes the practical "Draft Pack", a compilation of projections from the rest of the book organized by position and by mixed-league value, providing instant comparisons.

But even if you are not inclined toward fantasy play, it gives you a clear look at players from your favorite team and gives you an indication of who could be picked up to fill in a void in the lineup, or shows what the experts think of a player just added by the club.

Examples: "Tony Gwynn in 2010 suffered some lousy luck on batted balls (25% hit rate) and he broke a bone in his right hand, but he had a good BB percentage and played a crisp center field." Or check out Vincente Padilla: "Talk about an up-and-down season: After a surprising entry as L.A.'s Opening Day starter, Padilla missed weeks with a forearm injury and then he came back to dominate for two months,, after which he missed another month with a neck injury. He can be great, but it certainy means another one-year contract."

Every player has just such a commentary, along with extensive and extremely interesting statistics.

Other key features include:

• NEW FOR 2011 Ownership figures for online leagues •

• NEW FOR 2011 New metrics such as RS% and RBI% for hitters and Lead and Disaster Starts for pitchers •

• NEW FOR 2011 A mega "Draft Pack" section for easy drafting •

• NEW FOR 2011 A table comparing each player to his competition at his position •

• NEW FOR 2011 Four years of factors for Scoresheet Baseball •

• Projected and historical dollar values for single and mixed Roto leagues, as well as tallies for point-based leagues •

• Support for a variety of fantasy categories, including Caught Stealing, Complete Games, Blown Saves, Holds, Quality Starts, and more •

• A unique mini-browser showing five players with similar projections at the same position •

• Profiles of more than 100 top prospects, with independent rankings from three experts •

• Full player stats by team for 2010 •

• Four years of career stats for each player, including splits •

• Minor-league stats down to Single-A for each player for 2010 •

On Draft Day, the clock doesn't stop while you pore over names. Keep your head in the game, not in your notes. For an informed decision in a flash, grab the Graphical Player.

John Burnson is the publisher of HEATER Magazine, a weekly baseball magazine, as well as the proprietor of Rotolympus, a free full-featured statistical site.

288 pages, paperback, 8.5" x 11"

ISBN: 978-0-87946-411-7
ACTA Sports
4848 N. Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60640
Phone: (800) 397-2282
Email: acta@actapublications.com

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