Bill James 'Solid Fools Gold' is Solid Gold

Since he first began publishing his Baseball Abstracts in the 1980s, Bill James has constantly challenged conventional wisdom by asking simple questions like, "Is that really true?" or "What if we looked at the question this way?"

Bill James 'Solid Fools Gold' He has sparked a virtual revolution in the way the game of baseball is understood and played, from how players are evaluated or positioned to whether or not they should attempt to bunt or steal a base. In Solid Fool's Gold James is still asking questions.

His newest epic, "Solid Fools Gold" encompasses a wide range of features, demonstrating his mercurial mind. Branching now and again away from the baseball analysis, he touches on rules for Olympic NASCAR Racing (with tongue in cheek), the chances of Wichita producing another William Shakespeare and "how to battle expertise with the power of ignorance."

And there is plenty of baseball, too:

Hot Pitchers, clutch pitching and "late career" players
The predictably of RBI
A better way to organize the minor leagues
The 33 best starting rotations and the worst teams of all time
The best pitching matchups of the 1960s and 2010
How the "Expansion Time Bomb" will effect the Hall of Fame.
In addition, James wonders how Buck O'Neil would have related to his bigoted cousin, Supreme Court Justice James Clark McReynolds, becomes poetic about Ricky Weeks and WickiLeaks, imagines Roger Maris apologizing in heaven for having beaten Babe Ruth's single-season home run record.

As a bonus, there are special selections from Bill James Baseball Abstract 1983 titled, "The Law of Competitive Advantage" and how it looks at how it has held up over the intervening years.

Bill James is the Senior Advisor for Baseball Operations for the Boston Red Sox and the Author of Bill James Handbook and Popular Crime. He lives in Lawrence, Kansas, and writes regularly at

If you are a James addict, you can't do without this book. If you haven't read him, this is an excellent introduction to his remarkable mind.

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