Dodgers Spring Notes: R2-Dee2?

Do the Dodgers have another Dee Gordon in their minor league system? One player caught my eye during my time in Arizona and reminded me of the Dodgers' current shortstop.

When the Dodgers selected Devaris Strange-Gordon in the 4th round of the 2008 draft, many people reacted to the pick with one word: who?

Turns out he was the son of former major leaguer Tom Gordon, an impressive athlete and a raw prospect who hadn't played that year due to academic ineligibility. He quickly became the top prospect in the Dodgers' system and flew through the minors in spite of his relative inexperience.

Meet Delvis Morales. Signed in October of 2009, he played as a 19 year old in the Dominican Summer League in 2010 and hit just .220. However, he drew more walks than strikeouts and stole 18 bases in 65 games, showing enough potential to be sent to the states in 2011. For the Arizona League Dodgers, he batted .277, posted a .346 OBP and stole 8 bases in 38 games.

Like Gordon, Morales could debut in full season ball at the age of 21. They share many similarities, starting with their wire thin builds. Both have excellent speed and athleticism, with raw ability to eventually project at shortstop.

Delvis hasn't hit for the same average early as Dee, but he's shown a propensity to draw walks, which is more important in my opinion. Mo will have to polish his defense, as he committed 11 errors in 150 chances, but the tools are there for him to stick in the middle of the infield.

I'm not the first to compare Delvis to Dee, as Baseball America made the comp last year when reviewing the Arizona League's top prospects. However, after seeing him with my own eyes, I can get on board with the comparison and am excited to see what he can do in what should be his first full season of pro ball.